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 Powerizer Natural Dishwasher Detergent & Kitchen Cleaner.
Dishes, surfaces, appliances. The 
only thing you need for a clean kitchen! 

Why have 15 toxic cleaning products when one non-toxic one will do?

When you have a natural, biodegradable, all-in-one cleaning solution like Powerizer Complete, your dishes and kitchen's messes don't require that extra elbow grease to get them sparkling clean.

Residue-free dishes that are so clean you can eat off them.

Not just for dishware, Powerizer cleans your dishwasher too, maintaining a clean dishwasher and eliminating years of machine clogging build-up each time.

One product cleans and deodorizes every appliance in your kitchen.

 Tough stains and residue build up on cabinets, countertops, floors, tile, and grout don't stand a chance.

Say goodbye to other detergents, rinse aid and machine cleaners. Powerizer's All-in-1 concentrated powder allows you to tailor your dosage for your water conditions, your load size, and how soiled your dishes are.

 Dishwasher Uses Chart

    The complete, multi-purpose kitchen cleaner & natural dishwasher detergent


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    Great multipurpose product

    I have used this product for laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and hope to soon try to clean a rug in a carpet cleaning machine. With each use I have not been disappointed. I have also used to scrub the acrylic bathtub and ceramic tile. Performs great. Would recommend trying if you are on the fence. No harsh smell either. Will repurchase when I run low.

    A Housewives Dream 💖

    Already using it! Love it so far💖 thank you!


    Works great with laundry, haven't tried in the dishwasher yet.

    Product is great, shipping was not!

    First off, I LOVE Powerizer, so much that I purchased four 6.5 lb. bags to include in Christmas packages. They arrived in a demolished box with no padding and powder was everywhere. I thought only one bag was burst and was given a replacement. As I was assembling the Christmas packages, I realized two other bags were busted as well. Smaller holes but the powder was freely sifting out. I also didn't received the cleaning rags that I thought were included?? I wasn't going complain because I LOVE the product. BUT...shipping was absolutely horrendous!