Mid-Summer Outdoor Cleaning Hacks

July 30, 2021

It's mid-summer and maintaining your outdoor space could already be a challenge.  From the summer cookouts to the bipolar weather storms your outdoors might be looking like a hot mess already. 

Here are some helpful hacks that will get your outdoors back on track.  

  1. Wash the outside of your windows.  If you live in a state where the weather changes from one season the next all in one day, you may need to clean your outdoor windows. Create a Powerizer solution in a bucket of water with either one Powerizer Complete POD or a half scoop of Powerizer Complete Powder Detergent. Wipe down the windows with Powerizer Microfiber Towel, than rinse them. Use another cloth to remove the access water.  
  2. Deep clean the patio or deck - From the windows to walls Powerizer will be drippin from the walls.  Powerizer is so versatile that it will deep cleaning everything on your patio. Table, chairs, windows, siding, floors, cushions and even the bbq grill.   Just make a solution in a bucket and clean everything dirty.   
  3. Clean your trash cans - The heat can cause your trash can to smell funky because the heat ignites gas from the debris. Which can cause the odors to be amplified and increases the amount of insects migrating to your trash cans. Maintaining your trash can on a regular we keep the critters away. 
  4. Remove oils spots from the driveway.  Don't be scared to pour some Powerizer directly on the oils stains on your driveway.  Just remember to make a paste.  Thoroughly cover the stain with Powerizer and add very little water to the area.   Use a scrub brush to even out the paste.  Leave it sit for 10-15 minutes. Scrub the stain once again, than rinse with water. 
  5. Remove dirt and debris from siding. Powerizer Complete is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic biodegradable concentrate cleanser.   Some manufactures recommend a limit amount of pressure or they could void the warranty if a pressure washer damages the siding.  A high pressure nozzle on you garden house is all you will really need. 
    1 Gallon bucket  Microfiber Cloths
    2 Scoops of Powerizer Powder 4 Powerizer Complete Pods 
    High pressure water hose  Scrub brush 
  6. Easy way to clean awnings and umbrellas - Its not always fun in sun, that why maintaining your awnings and umbrellas is so very important. The shade from an umbrella can make it feel 10-15 degrees cooler.  Rinse the coverings to remove access dirt. Pretreat stains if needed, like bird droppings.  Clean one section at a time with a damp microfiber cloth.   Rinse your cloth after each section or once it is saturated with dirt.  Once you have cleaned all the sections cleans the metal frame as well.   Thoroughly rinse the covering until the water dripping has no white or cloudy residue left.   
  7. Simple steps to clean patio cushions - If you need to hand or machine wash your patio cushions you are in luck, Powerizer great from soaking fabrics or machine washing them.  First start of by removing the cushion cover.  Give it a good shake or use a small handheld scrubber or broom to loosen up the dirt and debris. Pretreat stains with a Powerizer concentrated solution to lift tough set-in stains like bbq sauce, drinks spills and sticky messes. Wash the covers as recommended on the tag.  Always air dry the covers to keep them from shrinking or loose their shape. Place them back on cushions while they are slightly damp. This allows the fabric to give while inserting the cushions.  

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