The Best Way To Clean Patio Cushions

August 13, 2021

With Powerizer COMPLETE PODS, you can protect the environment with an eco-friendly, non-toxic patio cleaner. Never again do you have to resort to expensive, non-effective harsh chemicals cleaners that don't remove stains or grime. 

If you have stains on your patio cushions or other outdoor furniture, Powerizer can keep your patio area sparkling clean all summer long. 

The season for outdoor living is in full effect. Whether your outdoor space is simply a balcony, the front porch, or your very own backyard oasis, the goal should be to spend more time outside the rest of the summer. Let's face it; you may have spent a small fortune on outdoor furniture, making sure your backyard is just as stylish as your living room. All in pursuit of the perfect space for soaking up rays or gazing at the moon, a clean outdoor space always makes it more inviting. Regardless, it can be a constant chore to maintain your outdoor furnishings, especially patio cushions.  

Your patio furniture can vary in structure from wicker, plastic, wood, and even metal. But a comfy cushion makes all the difference in the world. However, pillows accumulate lots of dirt and debris from being left out in the elements all summer long. Also, though most of the time the fabric is weather-resistant, it's still not dirt or mess-proof. Before you can relax outdoors, you should regularly clean the cushions. No one wants to touch dirty surfaces and certainly won't appreciate dirt on their bright summer garments. Help is one click away.  

Powerizer cleans everything dirty, even your outdoor cushions.

Here are some simple steps to cleaning your Patio Cushions

The First Step is to gather your cleaning tools. Here is what you will need:

  1. Powerizer Complete Patio Cleaning Pods or Powder Detergent
  2. Hand-sized dish scrubber
  3. Bathtub, sink, or basin to soak fabrics
  4. 16 oz. squeeze bottle for making a Pre-treat solution

The Second Step is to mix your cleaning solutions. Here are the dosages we recommend:

Wash solution = Two (2) Powerizer Complete Pods or one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete Powder for a large load of cushions in the laundry machine

Pre-treat solution = Dilute two (2) Powerizer Complete Pods in a bowl and transfer to a squeeze bottle or one (1) scoop of Powerizer to 16 oz. of warm water mixed in a squeeze bottle.

The Next Step is to remove the cushions from the foam inserts. Do this outdoors or on a hard surface covered with a tarp. The foam batting usually makes a mess, especially if it has started to fall apart. Sweeping up will be much easier if it is contained. 

Now apply the pre-treat solution to the dirtiest areas, saturate the fabric and use a scrubber to lift the stains. Applying a solution is especially helpful for food and drink stains that may have been baked in the sun. We suggest either soaking in a deep sink or the bathtub after first pre-treating them with Powerizer.

After scrubbing and pre-treating your cushion covers, they can continue to soak for up 8 hours. The stain lifting ingredients in the formula will continue to work on the stains. However, the color-safe bleach will brighten your colored fabrics and work effectively to whiten your fabrics.

When you think most of the stains have lifted, you can rinse them or toss them in the laundry machine. Sometimes just a rinse is needed, and other times you might want to run a complete cycle if stains are still present.

Lastly, hang the cushion covers out to air dry. 

Now you are ready to enjoy your outdoor space and clean patio cushions. Read more helpful outdoor cleaning tips on our blog.

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