Recommended Tips For Cleaning Up After Your Pets

February 14, 2020

Powerizer's Simple Cleaning Tips to Manage Pet Messes

The commitment to pet ownership can spawn one (1) to two (2) decades. The cost for grooming, vaccinations, dietary upkeep, along with managing the wear and tear on your home and vehicle can quickly become a significant budgetary line item. So today, we aim to share simple cleaning tips using ONLY Powerizer Complete products to clean and maintain the things your pets utilize during their daily routine. Please take a look at Bailey's typical day and see how she influences our cleaning blog today.

Recommended Tips For Cleaning Up After Your Pets


Bailey your personal alarm clock soiled your bedding from jumping on the bed.

Pretreat and target stains with a Concentrated Solution before throwing them in the Laundry with 1 to 2 scoops depending on how large the load is.
You dropped the leash in the mud on the walk.  Bailey’s dog sweater is slobbered and covered in dusty paw prints from the dog park.

Soak items overnight in a Wash Solution.  Scrub dirt loose with a dish scrubber. Be sure to Rinse with plain water.

Dog & water bowl should be washed daily. Especially when caring for multiple dogs its important to stop the spread of pet virus’s

Use a Concentrated Solution of Powerizer.  Usually, one squirt is all you need to wipe the bowl clean with a Microfiber Cloth to remove food. Finish with a Rinse with plain water.  You can also throw it in the Dishwasher with ¾  a scoop per load.

Floor spill and water ring from feeding and water bowl splatters.

 If the floor is dirty use a Wash Solution to wipe or mop the entire floor with a Microfiber Cloth or attach it to the Wonderwedgie.

Window Cleaning: Nose prints on the glass window, paw dirt and stains on furniture and your favorite pants.

Apply a completely dissolved Wash Solution over the glass surface. Rinse the window to remove the detergent using plain water. Squeegee away excess water. Buff with a microfiber cloth. Pretreat Upholstery stains using a Concentrated Solution. Be sure to thoroughly Rinse the detergent from the fabric & surfaces.

The car back seat protector is covered in dog prints and hair. The side door and door jam are constantly dusty from Bailey’s paw prints.

Soak the seat cover in a sink basin or tub using one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water.  Then throw it in the Washing Machine with two (2) scoops of Powerizer using warm to hot water.

To remove dusty pay prints from the car surfaces including the carpet and upholstery make a Concentrated Solution of Powerizer. Rinse all surfaces thoroughly with warm water to remove the detergent and residues.

Bailey repeatedly brings toys outside, then inside, then slobbers all over them.

On a weekly basis or as needed, make a Wash Solution by adding one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water in a bucket to cleanse and deodorize chew toys.  Wipe with a Microfiber Cloth and Rinse thoroughly with plain water and allow the toys to dry completely.

Continuous floor cleaning is needed as Bailey runs in and outside through the doggy door.

Dampen the floor with plain water so the hair doesn’t fly around. Squeegee or dust mop to gather all the hair first.  Use a Wonderwedgie mop and a Powerizer Wash SolutionRinse with plain water then dry using a new damp cloth to pick up residue.

Bailey’s bed cover must be removed and cleaned regularly similar to the duvet cover on your bed to prevent overpowering odors. 

Refer to the dosage chart for regular Laundry Instructions.  If trying to remove tough stains make a Concentrated Solution to Pretreat stains before washing.

Bailey’s spa days usually leave the guest bathroom in shambles. A dirt ring around the tub, wet floor, soaking wet towels.

Make a Concentrated Solution to clean the tub, use and dish scrubber and hand squeegee to pick up excess hair and water off the floor first.  Clean all surfaces with a Wash Solution. Rinse with plain water. Wash the towels in the washing machine after a Soak if they are heavily soiled.  Follow the normal Laundry Instructions for the final wash, rinse, and spin.

Bailey’s kennel and favorite blankets are dirty and smell like a wet dog from her slobber and dirt she carried in from the back yard. 

 Use the Laundry and Wash Solution dosages just be sure to Rinse all surfaces after using Powerizer Complete.  At the end of each day. Toss all your cleaning rags in a Soak before placing them in the Laundry the next day.  Allow them to air dry to not deplete the fibers.


We all have experienced working harder than we should. In managing Bailey's normal daily activities, you would have used, Laundry Detergent, Bleach, Stain Remover, and a Laundry Machine Cleaner after cleaning her pet outfits, blankets, bedding, and fluffy toys. To keep Bailey's water and food bowl clean, most households purchase Dish Soap and a Dish Detergent for the dishwasher. For pet stains and paw prints on the carpet and upholstery, you would add Carpet and Upholstery cleaner to your shopping list. Also on the list would be Floor Cleaner to manage pet hair and dusty paw prints from her frequent trips in and out of the doggy door. As she walks throughout the house, her paws and nose prints can be found on the Windows, Stainless Steel, Cabinets, Walls, and the doors. If it's a spa day, the bathroom is a wet, musty mess so you can add a bathroom cleaner to the basket too. And of course, Pet Urine on the floor as accidents happen from time to time. The bottom line, cleaning up after Bailey shouldn't take away from YOUR discretionary income. Buying multiple cleaners is no longer a necessity.  

When Plato said, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Powerizer was created for the 64 Million dog owners in mind. When the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it. Powerizer resonates with folks who are annoyed with buying multiple specialty cleaners and products with harsh chemicals. 

Instead, we recommend diversity in your cleaning tools and stick to Powerizer Complete it's the ONLY multipurpose cleaner and detergent you need because it really does clean everything dirty.   

Cleaning tools to use with all purpose detergent

Below is a list of tools we recommend. 

Powerizer Complete. It's safe for you and your pets, apply, wash then simply rinse with warm water to remove residues, no different than if you washed dishes or dirty clothes. There must always be a RINSE cycle. Powerizer has an odor neutralizer and has proven to remove odors, even pet urine stains. Just saturate the stain and rinse with plain water. Then you must absorb the solution if you are using it on carpet or upholstery, which takes me to the next great tool.

Powerizer's Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. They are the most effective dish towel, wash, dust or scrubbing cloth I have ever used. They are capable of absorbing liquid up to seven (7 )times its weight when dry. This means when you're cleaning the carpet and need to absorb the excess detergent and rinse water, this is the best tool. The electrostatic acts as a magnet to attract and trap in the dirt. This cloth will simplify all the necessary steps in cleaning your surfaces.

The Wonderwedgie Microfiber Mop is an excellent tool for surface cleaning of walls, baseboards, under beds, and washing windows. Its telescoping pole allows you to adjust the length so you can reach higher and further. The best thing is you will never have to experience a smelly mop. Instead, the same microfiber cloth you use to clean your windows can work to clean the floor.  When you need to dust, use a dry cloth. When you need to mop, use an entirely new cloth. Finally, to polish your floors switch out to a fresh towel and spray plain water to rub away footprints or to lift any residues left behind from the detergent. It uses replaceable microfiber cloths, not a mop head. Check out these videos explaining the science behind a microfiber cloth and the Wonderwedgie.

The Squeegee is by far better than using a broom, especially for bathroom cleaning. Squeegee hair off the counter first by using a little water to get it to float out of crevices around the faucet and into the sink. If you have a raised basin, squeegee the debris off the counter into a dustpan. Then dump the mess in the toilet or the trash. Use the same technique for the floor. However, before you actually clean the floor with a detergent, squeegee water and hair into a dustpan. 

After cleaning windows, rinse with plenty of water then squeegee the window to remove excess water. If you become an expert at the squeegee technique, you won't even have to use a paper towel during the process. Just buff away any water lines with a microfiber cloth.  

To Create a Wash Solution: Refer to the Powerizer Instructions "Everyday Cleaning" on the back of the bag ¼ a scoop to 32 oz or if you need more use one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water in a sink or a bucket.

To Create a Pretreat: Refer to the Powerizer Instructions "Heavy Duty Cleaning." To create a Concentrated Solution, use one (1) scoop in 16 oz of water in either a bottle with a breath tip or a bowl. This bottle replaced dish soap, stain remover, carpet, and upholstery spot remover and makes it easy to target clean the tub, toilet, and pet accessories.

For a quick and straightforward mechanical clean, use just plain water and a clean cloth. Keep a Travel-Size Spray Bottle-and a Water Bottle in your side door to make a Concentrated Solution on the go. Use a Regular-Sized Spray Bottle filled with water for use throughout the home and office instead. 

The Best Scrubbing tools can really make a difference. We recommend a toothbrush and a hand dish scrubber. Both are great at agitating dried on or older stains when a little extra friction is needed. We are not a fan of sponges, which are known for harboring bacteria. For lifting stains from delicate fibers, use a damp microfiber cloth instead. 

As you read through Bailey's Pet Activity Log, you see it's straight forward when it comes time to tackle her clean up and care of her belongings.  It's simple ONE versatile product does it all.  Pour the powder to make a cleanser concentrate. Dilute in water to make a Wash, Soak, Laundry Detergent, Dish Detergent, Bathroom Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Window Cleaner, Countertop Cleaner, Shoe Cleaner, Back Seat Cleaners, Kennel Cleaner, and the list goes on.  

The American Pet Products Association conducted its first National Pet Owner's Survey in 1988 and it's a fact pet ownership has grown to 67% of US households (84.9 Million Homes). The majority of homes that own a pet is higher for dogs (63.4 million households). However, more pet cats are living in homes than dogs (94.2 million). If you're a cat lover, it is not uncommon to have more than one. Even though this blog highlights the daily routine of a Dog, its necessary to provide the same clean living environment for your furry felines as well.  Pet owners are always looking for new ways to simplify pet care. Being a pet owner doesn't have to be hard. Pet owner's consumer spending continues to increase year over year for pet costumes, daycare services, travel, health insurance, dietary products, and overall pet care and entertainment products. With Powerizer on auto-ship, you can walk past the pet cleaning section, car cleaning section, the carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning and laundry cleaning aisles.  Powerizer Complete ships free to addresses in the 50 states, even Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Simply your life even more by enrolling in Powerizer's Subscribe and Save Program.  

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