Removing Tough Makeup Stains

February 14, 2019

Removing Tough Makeup Stains

Makeup Everywhere, Powerizer Complete to the Rescue

Date night with that special someone or a night out with the girls can lead to before or after stains.  How many times have you changed an outfit and got makeup on the collar or woke up the next morning with makeup face impression on your pillowcase?  While makeup can be reapplied or easily fixed, removing stains isn't always the easiest. Here are the best cleaning solutions to keep your clothes, carpet, linens, and house free from makeup stains:

How to Remove Powder Makeup

Using loose powder for makeup can give you a flawless look, but it can accidentally spill on your clothes or countertops. Wiping off the dust with our microfiber cloth in a hurry can be tempting, but it can lead to more of a mess. Blow dry the access powder away is even more tempting but the mess now either on the floor, in the grout or every else.  Since the residue is still left behind, make up a solution of PowerizerComplete and saturate the area.  Don't scrub the area, blot the area with a Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth.  Once the powder has disappeared rinse out the microfiber cloth and wipes up the surface with plain water.

Tackling Glitter

Glitter always sounds like a great idea until you're left with it in your life for months. If you find your clothes covered in glitter, first, don't panic.  Carefully lay the clothing on a towel and use an aerosol hairspray to spray the clothing (making sure your cover every bit of glitter). Allow the hair spray to dry until it's hard. Make sure to only wash items separately with Powerizer.   This ensures that the glitter will not be transferred to other garments. Continue with the drying method your garments require.  Always shake them off, and they should be glitter-free until next time.

How to Deep Clean Makeup Brushes, Sponges and Beauty Blenders

For that everyday picture perfect look, it may require a few different makeup applicators. Keeping them clean and residue-free doesn't require any particular products to do so.   A half (1/2) scoop of Powerizer, warm water in the sink is all you need.  Let them soak for a few minutes will loosen up the makeup.  Use the side of the sink to clean the brushes, continue until all the make-up comes off.  Rinse with warm water and place them flat to dry.  Cleaning your applicators twice a month will keep your complexion flawless and extend the life of your applicators.

Removing Makeup Stains with Powerizer

Makeup stains can be the hardest stains to remove, and when it gets to figure out what to use for oil based or non-oil-based makeup, it can get even more confusing. Luckily, Powerizer can be used to remove all types of makeup stains on various kinds of fabrics. Powerizer is a gentle, cleaning product that works hard at removing stubborn grease stains without damaging your clothes.

Spot Clean
Mix one (1)  scoop of Powerizer with 16 oz of warm water and drench the stain with the cleaning solution. Then rub the fabric against itself and allow the friction to lift the stain.  

If you need to deep clean a larger area, washing clothing in the machine is ideal. Add Powerizer into the drum before adding laundry and use a ½ scoop for normal loads, one (1) scoop for large, and two scoops for heavily soiled loads.  Powerizer can be used to remove tough stains from all your clothes including whites, colors, linens, cleaning towels, rugs, delicates, and heavyweight fabrics. It is the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin and leaves your clothes smelling beautiful.

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i guess it works

have used it in the laundry & it gets everything clean and they look like new.

Powerizer Complete-a must try

Best detergent I have ever used! My dishes are spotless and my clothes have the freshest scent! So impressed.

Awesome stuff

A to order some of the Power Riser for dishwasher and laundry I was skeptical but ordered it and wow it is everything and then some. It gets my clothes much cleaner and my dishes perfectly clean and keeps the dishwasher shiny and bright. If I have to say something negative about it, it would be the smell it is quite strong and takes over the house for a little while but then it goes away thankfully. It just smells very clean.

Love it.

My dog had cancer of her jawbone. I made her drool diluted blood and when she ate she would bleed. This detergent would get the blood off of any material I had that she bled on. I was so happy and impressed. Sme of it could not be bleached.

Powerizer Complete All Pupose Home Cleaner is Exactly that!

I love Powerizer Complete Multi-Purpose Detergent and Cleaner! Instead of buying muliple cleaners,I only need this product. I have used it in the laundry (it does a fantastic job on ALL my clothes!) in my dishwasher(no streaks,no spots) and I have used it in my kitchen (cleans my stove and counters like you wouldn't believe!) I have already ordered another 3lb.bag. By the way it has an easy-close bag too that is really nice. The bag takes up less space than my old bottled detergent did. This is a great product. Thanks!