Tips For Cleaning In A Hard Water Environment

April 17, 2020

Extensive laws are set into place to mandate water rights. However, we as consumers have little say over the source of water that enters our homes. We can demand safe water; however, we can not say please send me soft water instead of hard water. It doesn't work like that. Honestly, we take for granted the water coming into our home is safe and can be used to do everything we need it for, including drinking it. We don't even think about it until it negatively affects us. Well, 85% of the U.S. is affected by hard water, which contains calciummagnesiummanganese, and iron. The adverse effects of hard water show up in many different forms throughout the house and become a nuisance.  

Tips For Cleaning In A Hard Water Environment

Hard water requires using more steps to achieve clean, residue-free laundry, and surfaces. First, it requires more detergent and soap. Consumers are used to purchasing additional cleaning products with harsh chemicals to tackle water spots (rinse aid) and soap scum, (tile and shower cleaners) rust and limescale (CLR) that show up as a result of hard water in the tub and toilet. In the laundry, it lessens the efficacy of your detergent, which requires you to add more. If the detergent doesn't rinse clean, residue builds up, and your clothes become dull, stiff, and don't dry as fast, and can begin to smell like mold even after they are dry. It will also cause your clothes to retain body odor or other smells associated with your occupational activities. So, consumers add another product to "fix" this. Haven't you noticed there is an entire aisle dedicated to obtaining great smelling laundry, such as scent boosters, fabric softeners, and hard water softening agents? 

In the end, you never really obtain clean clothes. All those additives don't solve the real problem and become costly. Thankfully, Powerizer reviews on the website are telling the story.  They explain how less absorbent and moldy smelling towels are solved when using Powerizer Complete, not just in high humidity climates.   

A water filtration system can solve hard water troubles; however, are costly and require regular maintenance. So let us talk about the benefits of Sodium Carbonate, also known as Soda Ash, which is the main ingredient found in Powerizer. It's harvested from soda rich plant-ash found in nature. However, it is considered a mineral. The ash is significantly different than the ash from wood. 

Tips For Cleaning In A Hard Water Environment

It's the water softening ingredient in Powerizer Complete. When your washing or cleaning in a soft water environment, you use less detergent. One little scoop is all you need for a regular size load of laundry. However, if you live in a part of the country with hard water, you need more detergent. 

We are here to offer a few suggestions for tackling hard water in your cleaning routine. 

  • Switch to Powerizer Complete it's made of plant and mineral-based ingredients.  As we mentioned above, Soda Ash, also known as Sodium Carbonate is also the rinse aide for achieving cascade clear, spot-free dishes. It is the quarterback for blitzing soap scum, rust, and limescale. Plus it can be used in both the laundry and dishwashing machines. It's an important ingredient in the machine cleaning role, so there is one less product to purchase. It effectively maintains your machine by reducing limescale buildup, which also lessens the blockages that occur in your pipes that leave the home.     
  • Stop buying multiple cleaners with harsh chemicals. Less is more. Instead, Powerizer has only ingredients with a purpose. We're not trying to impress you with blue goo. We formulated ingredients that help remove stains, dissolve grease, remove odors, and suspend the dirt. Hence, they rinse clean from most surfaces or fibers, such as carpet, upholstery, towels your canvas shoes, nylon backpack, and even the porcelain toilet. And, we did it without adding unnecessary blue dyes, fillers, less of needless ingredients.  
  • Skip the water filtration system and Save Money.  You can still simplify and effectively clean even though you live in a hard water zone.  Powerizer can't pick your house up to move it out of a hard water region, but it can save you money and time. Buy a detergent and cleaner that effectively cleans everything dirty. Its hard water softener replaces the need for a fabric softener, scent booster, DIY detergents, and stain removers. It's all built into the formula with none of the extra stuff that you don't need.
  • Test for hard water by filling 2 glasses of water, one with tap water from the faucet and the other filled with filtered, bottled, or distilled water. Pour equal amounts of castile soap into the water. If the tap water is cloudy, the soap is reacting to the minerals. The filtered water should remain clear.  Test your refrigerator water dispenser to be sure if it's effectively filtering the excess minerals from your water using this same advice.


Sink Faucet Spout Covered in Lime Scale Before and After Image Soaked in Powerizer

Signs Hard Water May Be Affecting Your Home, Personal Care, and Clean Routine

  • Are you experiencing low water flow of your pipes?
  • Do you have build-up of film and limescale on tile and water fixtures?
  • Is your skin and hair extra dry? The mineral buildup creates more limp, dull, and dry hair. Colored hair washed in hard water tends to fade faster and causes discoloration. Wash your hair with distilled water regularly or invest in a filtered showerhead. 
  • Do you have mineral deposit buildup in your water heater? Perform a regular water heater check-up. The scale build creates a barrier for the conduction of heat requiring more energy to heat the water.
  • Does your dishes always have spots? Then you need a hard water dishwashing detergent. Wash your wines glasses by hand using distilled water and Powerizer instead of tap water. Rinse them in hot water and dry them upside down. They dry spot-free. However, if your dishwasher isn't getting the same results, clean your dishwashing machine. Also, flush out all the rinse aid from the dispenser. I could be canceling out the benefits of Powerizer which have it already.  Instead, fill the dispenser with plain water so the empty light shuts off. Maintain a clean dishwasher buy using only Powerizer moving forward. 
  • Do you have white residue in the laundry that are not washing away? Odors remaining even after washing your laundry in hot water,  it may be because of hard water. Harsh minerals in hard water are known to reduce the life of clothes breaking down the fibers. Powerizer is the only product you need for a hard water laundry detergent.

Why You Need Powerizer

  • Powerizer works in High Efficient Laundry and Dishwasher machines. Stop buying detergent that is not rated for a High Efficient machine. No different than soap scum that forms on your tile, build up from extra residues can prevent your clothes from washing clean. Regular detergent creates more suds.  We are lead the believe more suds in your soap makes it a better product. Well, we hate to burst your bubble, this isn't true with laundry anymore. The residues from suds contribute to gray and dingy clothes. Powerizer creates minimal suds; however, it effectively cleans clothes every time. High Efficient (HE) detergent is formulated not to create tons of suds. High efficient washers use less water.  If you use a regular detergent that creates lots of suds it's less likely to rinse the excess suds thoroughly. The residue dries at the top of the washing line. A ring around the drum forms a dirt line like the one that forms after soaking in a tub of bathwater. This residue may not be as visible each time but remains there until absorbed into the next wash load. 
  • Formulated with a Hard Water Softener. When washing with hard water, more of the residue is going to bond with the water, and this residue tends to accumulate faster, not with Powerizer it penetrates to work calcium, magnesium, lime scale and rust.  
  • Powerizer removes hard water deposits easily. If you experience less flavorful coffee or tea, Powerizer can descale your coffee machine and irons. Only use distilled water in your iron. If you start to see white powder expel from the iron with your initial burst of steam. It's time to descale your iron as well. Fill the compartment with a Heavy-duty Cleaning Solution of Powerizer and Hot water. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes then dump all the water out. Repeat the fill and dump process using only hot water at least 3 times to rinse any of the remaining residues away. Before using the iron on a garment, fill it with only distilled water and spray a burst of steam to ensure all the residues remaining in the steam holes are released. Repeat this process until no further residues are released from the iron. 
  • Powerizer can keep your whole house clean.  Our powerful concentrated multipurpose formula dissolves hard water deposits in your kitchen, bathroom surfaces and inside your dishwasher and wash machine. 

The chemical make-up of Sodium Carbonate is an adduct of baking soda that has many beneficial uses in cooking and not just used for cleaning. It's a simple yet active ingredient which is why Powerizer is a USDA Certified Biobased Product. It is a sustainable ingredient that replaces itself so that it continues to be naturally occurring in nature. It's another reason we believe less is more even when tackling tough cleaning of hard water grime.

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