Powerizer Outdoor Furniture, Patio and Deck Cleaner for outdoor fun!
The only thing you need for clean

Powerizer Is The Only Product That You Need For Clean Patio And Outdoor Furniture

If you live in a climate that only has a season or two of beautiful evenings. Getting your backyard oasis together sometimes requires deep cleaning and maintenance.  With Powerizer’s multi-use solution, it is the perfect surface cleaner.  Powerizer’s concentrated formula is ideal for outdoor furniture, cushions, grills, decks, and toys. 

A clean patio or deck is simple and easy when you have Powerizer Complete

    Now one cleaner that keeps your outdoor furniture stain-free and mildew-free

    The complete, multi-purpose outdoor furniture, patio & deck cleaner

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    Powerizer - great stuff!

    I love, love this product!! So little goes a long, long way in my clothes washer, my dishwasher or anywhere I choose to use it. My clothes feel cleaner and softer, my dishes and glasses almost squeak they are so clean. Great product and excellent customer service.

    I love this product. Nothing cleans stains and makes whites and colored clothes look new again. Would highly recommend.

    Wonderful product!!!!

    So soft, but so efficient! Picks and cleans up so quickly! Just love them!