The Low Down On Cleaning Down Comforters

December 06, 2019

Powerizer Complete Equals Clean and Comfy Sleep  

Down-filled comforters, pillows, and garments have been popular for centuries and known to provide the best insulation in bedding and outerwear. It's no wonder down linens haven't lost popularity. Even a thin comforter filled with down can hold body heat in and trap the cooler air out, which is optimal for sleeping. Research has shown a colder room helps you fall asleep faster. 

The Low Down On Cleaning Down ComfortersOnly in the more recent century has thermostat-controlled environments existed. When the temperature in your home is 66 degrees or less, research has shown your metabolism increases, which also increases insulin activity and lessens the likelihood of diabetes. Once your body reaches 70 degrees or warmer, it stops releasing melatonin, which is responsible for releasing anti-aging hormones. These anti-aging hormones can help keep you looking younger. We all want to stay looking young and get the beauty rest we need, so Powerizer Complete is here to help you enjoy your best sleep by making sure you keep your down-filled comforter and pillows fresh and clean

When preparing our blog on how to clean down comforters, we wanted to make sure we addressed the most common issues, which are removing stains and odors from the fabrics while preserving the down to obtain its original loftiness. The most basic cleaning recommendation was to use one (1) cup of vinegar in the wash load to remove mold. We would agree; however, Powerizer already has that ingredient built inside the formula. Many of its unique components cannot be mixed at home using store-bought ingredients. Powerizer contains a concentrated version of Sodium Percarbonate, and when combined with water, it creates Hydrogen Peroxide. A supercharged component for cleaning.

We believe it's wasteful to ship water; that's why Powerizer is in a powder format. In every part of the laundry, dish, or surface cleaning, you must start with clean water. Most liquid detergents are mostly water and require a larger container, which is wasteful and takes up more room. Many of the ingredients in Powerizer are more effective when found in a dry substance, so you only need a little. For instance, it contains a unique oxygen bleach activator, which creates a supercharged version of vinegar, minus the terrible smell. Our detergent is a fantastic stain remover and continues to penetrate stains and odors for up to eight (8) hours. The Sunny Citrus scent masks the plant and mineral smells found in the formula, and rinses clean after drying, leaving behind no residues. Therefore, the fragrance is less likely to trigger skin allergies.

When down is wet, it completely loses its insulation properties and clumps together. An excellent down comforter worth keeping will have a baffle box construction with quilted panels so that the fill stays in the sewn compartments allowing it to dry faster. If the feathers clump and don't dry completely, It will grow mold and begin to smell bad.

So, here are some essential tips to consider along with our cleaning recommendations.

The Low Down On Cleaning Down Comforters

It's best to start the laundering process and finish it in one (1) day so that the comforter never has time to sit wet. The time required for the wash and dry process depends on the thickness and size of your bedding.  Budget four (4) to five (5) hours in total. Why spend upwards of $75.00 to $100 at the dry cleaners when you can DIY. With a little time and Powerizer Complete, you can have your comforter looking and smelling brand new in no time.

The Low Down On Cleaning Down ComfortersThe Low Down On Cleaning Down ComfortersThe Low Down On Cleaning Down Comforters

For heavily soiled items, make a soak using one scoop to one (1) gallon of water in the bathtub.    

For tough stains like blood or urine, make a concentrated pre-treat mixture in a squeeze bottle using one (1) full scoop to 16 oz. of warm to hot water. Allow the detergent to dissolve completely once the solution is thoroughly mixed, open the lid so that the pressure does not build in the bottle.

Next, use the concentrated pre-treat to saturate the stained areas. Allow it to sit for at least ten (10) minutes. However, the stain lifting ingredients stay active for up to six (6) to eight (8) hours in case you need it to sit longer. Then scrub to lift the stain using a damp microfiber cloth. The fibers on the cloth will help to penetrate, clean, and remove the stain on a more microscopic level. 

Once the stains and oils lift from the fabric, you will see them float to the top of the water and form a ring around the tub. The surfactant in the detergent helps to suspend the dirt and oils in the water, so they rinse away clean. Now thoroughly rinse the items in the tub then follow through with a second rinse in the washer so that it also spins to remove excess moisture from the comforter. If tough stains aren't lifting, set the bedding in the machine alone and run a full wash cycle. 

Finally, you must dry the item in the dryer. Air drying the comforter isn't going to allow the down to separate and regain its loftiness. Beware the bedding will have a mild odor from the wet feathers when removing it from the washing machine. However, once the comforter is dry, that smell will disappear. To help lessen the drying time, consider using dryer balls. They help to lift and create pockets in the fabric so the air can move more freely around and reducing the drying time. 


The Low Down On Cleaning Down ComfortersThe best advice is to wash and dry at a laundromat equipped with commercial size washer and dryers. The more massive the machine will allow for the comforter and pillows to have more room to circulate. It's essential to check on the items often. Once they are in the dryer, you may need to untangle them through-out the entire drying process. 

After your comforter or pillows are completely dry, the final step is to cover the quilt with a duvet cover. If desired, you can create an essential oil mixture of your liking in a misting spray bottle to add a light fragrance to the bedding. Follow the same steps to clean a pillow and encase your clean pillow in a zippered allergen and waterproof pillowcase

Along with many different industries, there are fakes and mislabeled materials. Down feathers are no different; this industry is concerned with the inhumane practices of collecting feathers. The RDS (Responsible Down Standard) monitors and helps to prevent foul play in the industry. Its mission is to share with consumers the process for accumulating the down feathers, who was responsible for collecting them, tracing the origin of the feathers to ensure items are adequately labeled. Also, RDS certified down ensures no birds are harmed or mistreated in the process of obtaining down feathers. This is an excellent reason why you should never remove the tags. 

The Low Down On Cleaning Down Comforters

We at Powerizer want to do our part to help to reduce waste.  By ensuring your quality linens retain their luster so that less money is spent over the years replacing them. Powerizer Complete Certified USDA Biobased Product is made of plant and mineral-based ingredients.  And as you can see, we chose to create a product that contains no water because most of our consumer households have access to free-flowing water.  We are not in the business of selling water.  We are in the business of selling a powder detergent that effectively cleans everything dirty, including your down-filled items. 

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