Easy Steps to Clean Crock Pot And Slow Cookers

November 12, 2021

It’s crock-pot, slow cooking season. Ah, the joy of tossing in ingredients and forgetting about it. The idea of one-pot meals are excellent for large gatherings and can be simple to make. So, gather your recipes and ingredients, but first, retire your old dish cleaner and recruit Powerizer Complete. You’ll gain a personal clean-up Sous Chef by using an effective multipurpose detergent and cleaner that quickly removes baked-on food, tough stains, and white film caused by mineral deposits. Let Powerizer take care of all that, including the meal clean up. Avoid spending quality time busting suds; instead, tiptoe out of the kitchen, maintain your manicure, and join the festivities. These easy steps make clean up easy and quick. 

Easy Steps to Clean Crock Pot And Slow Cookers

1. Remove Excess Residues

Rinse the crock-pot to remove as much food and residues from the inner container then make a paste. Add Powerizer to a dish brush and apply Powerizer in a paste to the stained areas, which are usually near the top at the waterline or the bottom.

2. Prepare A Soak

For tougher stains, a soak may be necessary. Fill the crock-pot with enough water to cover the stained areas.

3. Add Powerizer

Next, Sprinkle in one (1) scoop of Powerizer into the pot and set the heat to it's lowest temperature. Our powerful plant-based enzymes are why one small scoop is so effective at cleaning everything dirty. These natural enzymes activate in water to quickly dissolve protein and starch found in stains. Meanwhile, a hard water softener allows the detergent to dissolve the white mineral stains.

4. Rest Your Feet, Let It Soak

Cover the pot to trap in steam and set the temperature to the lowest setting. Allow the detergent to cook as long as needed; however, be sure not to allow the water to evaporate completely.

5.  Wipe Or Scrub Away Food Debris

Usually, slow cooking the detergent for an hour is all that is needed. However, for tough stains, more time may be necessary. The oxidizing agent (sodium percarbonate) found in Powerizer; remains active for up to 8 hours. Set a timer to check the crock-pot every couple of hours to determine if the stains have dissolved. Scrub the stains when necessary using a copper or nylon hand dish scrubber.

6. Rinse And Polish To Remove Residues.

Rinse the detergent with plain water to remove any residues and detergent—Polish and dry the inner pot and outer container using a damp microfiber cloth.   


Here Is What Seamless Cleaning Looks Like

After meal prepping, mix a concentrated solution in a squeeze bottle using one (1) scoop to 16 ounces of water. Use it to spritz the glass lid, then wipe it clean. Next, spritz detergent into the cloth to wipe the countertop, appliances, stainless steel surfaces, the faucet, the sink basin, and any cabinets with fingerprints. Spot clean the fridge, wipe away spills, food debris, and crumbs.
Next take another microfiber cloth and wipe up spills on the floor, then rinse the cloth clean to remove the detergent. For the final cleaning step, wipe all surfaces with plain water to remove residues and detergent left behind. Polish and shine faucets, glass, and stainless steel using a clean damp microfiber cloth.  To effectively clean you floors you can try our WonderWedgie Microfiber Mop.     


Powerizer effectively cleans more than just dishes and pots and pans. It cleans hard surfaces too.


Check out this blog on How To Effectively Clean Your Cutting Board. Powerizer contains more than double the amount of Hydrogen Peroxide found in the brown bottle.


Powerizer cleans surfaces effectively using powerfully natural ingredients; check out this blog that discusses 7 Non-Toxic Characteristics of a Detergent.  A sous chef cleaner promotes a healthy kitchen making sure food quality and safety are a top priority. Maintain clean food-prep tools and surfaces in and around the kitchen with Powerizer Complete. It cleans everything dirty.

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