7 Non-Toxic Characteristics Of A Detergent

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Powerizer aims to take over the cleaning industry by encouraging consumers to use just ONE product that's safe yet effective.  It's a product made of plant and mineral-based ingredients, without all the fillers, dyes, phosphates, and formulated to be highly efficient, septic safe and doesn't trigger skin allergens.  Powerizer has simple ingredients, formulated to perform a specific job so that it really can clean everything dirty and rinse clean to leave no overbearing fragrance behind.

Sounds too good to be true. Other industries are doing it, why can’t the cleaning industry?  Think back to 2012 when the Tesla Model S raced into showrooms. This new electric powered automobile eliminated the need for fossil fuel, and consumers loved it.  After 11 years in the market, Tesla is the world's best-selling plug-in and battery electric passenger car, Recently they just manufactured their one-millionth car. Their vehicles are sleek, fast, safe, and cutting edge.   

In fact, the Model S is affordable and includes basic amenities most consumers expect, such as leather and heated seats, a giant display monitor, navigation, and a Bluetooth connection.   Tesla consumers expected it to drive as far as a car powered by a full tank of gasoline.  But what if it only drove one hour before it required a new charge.  It would not be as desirable.   It may leave you stranded, and that would compromise your safety. What if it did not provide other basics mechanics and technology such as powered windows, windshield wipers, and headlights?  Even worse, what if the sales agent said, “Don't worry, we can solve those issues, all you have to do is purchase this simple kit to install your windshield wipers and power windows.  Would you buy it?


cost to create your own detergent

Consumers are used to mixing harsh chemicals to try to boost the performance of laundry, dish, and other household cleaners. More environmentally conscious consumers are adding simple organic ingredients such as lemon, salt, baking soda, and vinegar, which aren't harmful, however, they certainly aren't as effective.  Personally, most wouldn't trust their spouse to install a windshield wiper kit, and certainly, we should not be mixing chemicals either.  Instead, buy Powerizer Complete.

A multi-purpose detergent and cleaner should be able to tackle laundry, dishes, carpet, and hard surfaces.  It should include the essential ingredients to tackle stains, odors, brighten, dissolve grease, starch, protein, and rinse away with just plain water.  It shouldn't be blue, and we don't need to bottle water and sell it to you.  Does your cleaning detergent need to look pretty?  If it does contain a fragrance, it should rinse clean and not be overpowering. 


Seven Highly Effective Non-Toxic Characteristics of a TRUE All-In-One Detergent


1. Use Powerizer Complete for Whitening, Brightening and Removing Odors

Your detergent should contain a Color Safe Oxygen Bleach – Sodium Percarbonate is the whitening oxidizing agent in the soap that helps get your clothes whiter and brighter while killing odors from sweat, mold, and urine. It remains active for up to 8 hours, so prepare a soak or pretreat when necessary to tackle a set-in stain. Give it some time to work; it's not going to bleach, fade, or compromise the integrity of your garment, upholstery, or carpet.

eco friendly green washing and laundry detergent

2. Use Powerizer Complete for Removing Stains and Baked on Messes

Specially formulated natural enzymes are essential.–An Enzyme is a protein made of up various combinations of amino acids that speed up the efficacy of chemical reactions. Powerizer's plant-based enzymes target starch and protein stain removal. They are highly efficient, and it's why just a little scoop of Powerizer goes a long way. Also, enzymes should not be applied using a spray bottle.

Link to Map of US Hard Water Regions

3. Use Powerizer Complete for Tackling Hard Water and Removing Water Spots

Next, insert Soda Ash. It's a water-soluble white salt, also known as Sodium Carbonate or washing soda that works to soften hard water. There are many reasons why water softening helps to increase the efficacy of your detergent, so one little scoop or less tackles most cleaning tasks. Unfortunately, 85% of the United States is affected by hard water. If you're affected by hard water, read more about how to get the best results out or your detergent here

4. Use Powerizer Complete for Washing in Cold Water Temperatures

TAED (Tetraacetylethylenediamineis a solid white organic compound bleach activator that acts like a supercharged vinegar-like ingredient that supports effective cleaning even in cold water. If your cleaning outdoors using water from the garden hose, you can rest assured it will still perform well to brighten oxidize and break down stains. If your energy conscious and choose to wash in cold water only, Powerizer is your best choice.

5. Use Powerizer Complete for Dissolving Grease and To Ensure A Clean Rinse.

A must-have ingredient is a Surfactant.  The three-step process in a Surfactant begins by penetrating and wetting the stain. Second, it loosens the dirt, soil, and grease. Third, it suspends it near the surface of the water so that it can quickly rinse clean.  The scientific process entraps it into the micelle and lowers the surface tension using a nonpolar hydrophobic tail to attract nonpolar oil molecules.  Surfactants can only be created, tested, and proven to work in a laboratory.. The term "rinses clean" truly means after your surface or your garments dry, and there are no lingering odors, detergents, or oils left behind.  Powerizers' fragrance is intended to rinse clean and eliminates the chances of triggering skin allergens.  Read more about Powerizer's partially synthetic fragrance.

6. Use Powerizer Complete for small or large cleaning jobs? Mix what you need.

Formulated as a powder, the ingredients in Powerizer Complete activate when mixed with water. It is shelf-stable so long as the crystals stay dry, it will not expire. Maximum efficacy happens when the Oxidizing Agent-(Sodium Percarbonate), the Stain Remover-(Natural Enzymes), and the Surfactant-(Wetting Agent/Degreaser) activate in water. Sodium Percarbonate coverts to Hydrogen Peroxide when introduced to water. This chemical reaction causes pressure to build in a closed container, so we recommend mixing it in an open-air bottle or one with a breath spout. Also, Hydrogen Peroxide eventually breaks down to harmless oxygen. A chemical trait that makes it safe to soak your garment, favorite baseball cap, uniform, or seat covers without breaking down fibers or compromising the dyes in them like a liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) would.

removing odors from washing machines with detergent

7 Non-Toxic Characteristics Of A Detergent

7. Use Powerizer Complete for Delicate or Heavy-Duty Cleaning?

Do you prefer a Powder or Liquid?  If you had to take a guess, which do you think would be more effective?  Which is more concentrated?   Powder detergent is likely to be more concentrated.  Again, Powerizer is not selling water, shipping water, stabilizing water, or coloring water.  If you only need to clean windows or soak undergarments, mix one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water.  If your handwashing a set of silk pillowcases, use even less detergent more water and be sure to mix a dye set solution to make sure the enzymes in Powerizer don't attack the special silk dyes. 

To scrub the toilet bowl or the soap scum off your shower and tub, pour the bathroom cleanser directly onto the surface or a moistened scrub brush to make a paste. Plug the sink or bathtub so that the Powerizer that falls to the bottom can dissolve inside the water and use that liquid to spread around to clean all the remaining fixtures, walls, doors, and cabinets using a microfiber cloth. Then rinse clean with plain water.

In a previous blog, we suggested that consumers ditch the DIY homemade laundry detergent. It's driving a Tesla without headlights and windshield wipers.   The build-up from a DIY detergent ruined one blogger's machine and caused a severe mold issue, so her clothes never smelled clean. In a follow-up blog, she recanted her entire blog about using a DIY detergent.  At Powerizer, were continually shaking our heads while reading blogs that urge the consumer to use natural ingredients to clean.  Yes, it's not harming anything, but you're still trying to mix basic ingredients that won't effectively clean everything.  Essential oils like thyme, oregano, tea tree, and orange are all great for cleaning.  Would you be OK with using saline to treat an infection?  When clean really needs to be clean a little more science is needed than that.  That's a perfect example of when you probably need a little more science to fix the issue.  So rather than have a cleaning shelf filled with more cooking ingredients like baking soda, salt, and vinegar when all you need is Powerizer Complete.

laundry cleaning with detergent process

The final point, chemicals are in everything such as plants, the air, water, and the soil.   Powerizer uses plant and mineral-based ingredients to eliminate the need for toxic chemicals.  However, simply eliminating more harmful chemicals from your cleaning routine is not the answer to being able to clean effectively.  It requires a clear understanding of science and chemistry while sourcing the best ingredients, knowing the measurements for maximum efficacy, testing, and then testing again. For example, Sodium Percarbonate is a shelf-stable powdered mineral used in Powerizer. It's an anhydrous hydrogen peroxide that was perfected long ago in a laboratory and cannot be manufactured in your kitchen.

Powerizer reviews can be found on our Website. Take a moment to search for a cleaning topic of interest.  Powerizer's efficacy and ability to solve problems is why it's such a revolutionary product that can EFFECTIVELY clean everything dirty.

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