Eye Care For Vision Wear

June 12, 2020

If you live in a sunshine state, a nice pair of shades are especially important. Although, on a cloudy day, ultraviolet rays are only blocked by 20%. In Colorado, where you're already a mile above sea level, skiing in the mountains without a good pair of glasses exposes your eyes to the wind and intense ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses effectively protect your eyes from degeneration, the elements, and debris, and they cut back on the glare to help you see further when boating and or fishing. However, let's not overlook their contribution to the fashion industry.

Vision wear, especially sunglasses, make a statement no different than the shoes and socks you wear. They say the vision wear industry expects to grow to a 140 billion dollar industry in 2020. A recent Forbes article explains that the sunglass industry's profitability is all attributed to the fact that one manufacturer is responsible for manufacturing a majority of the high-end brands. The Sock industry is only a 3rd of the sunglass industry. It just goes to show where our priorities are. We don't flinch at spending a few hundred on a fashionable high-end pair of sunglasses. Great sunglasses always will include protection from UV and UVB rays and might only cost 25 dollars to manufacture. However, after all the advertising and marketing expenses, paying a celebrity to wear them, packaging, shipping, and distribution costs, they can easily be marked up to three to five hundred dollars. Knock-off sunglasses are considered the cheaper buy. These can be purchased 3 for $25.00 at a street fair. Maybe they aren't knock off after all. The only thing missing from them is a brand stamped on them. Regardless of what you pay for them, sunglass care and cleaning of your shades are essential. Here are a few pointers for making sure both your high end and less expensive specs stay spectacular.

How To Care for Sunglasses 

Storing them:

It's crucial to find one place to store your glasses altogether. Designate a location that allows you to see your complete collection. You will start wearing glasses you might have misplaced. Keep your cases with-in the same display area. Check out this Pinterest page with tons of storage ideas. Stuff a polishing cloth inside each sunglass case.



Eye Care For Vision Wear


Protecting them:

Protect your investment by eliminating opportunities of breakage, scratching, misplacing them, or loss from theft. Consider buying a few other carrying cases. The dollar tree has foam zipper cases with a clip, which is great for storing in your glasses in a bag. Higher-end designer glasses usually come in custom cases that tend to be big and bulky. Make it a habit to never leave your house without having a protective case to store them in. We carry so many things in our bags that a nail file or keys can easily scratch them. 

Unfortunately, sunglass warranties do not cover scratches or breaks. Look for a visor-sunglass holder. It puts your glasses in close reach while you're driving, so you're no tempted to look for them and become distracted from the road. Never leave your glasses out in plain-site. It's an open invitation for theft. Sunglasses quickly disappear when you're not looking. When you're distracted, sipping cocktails, you may expect to leave knowing your glasses are still sitting in a jacket pocket. But somehow, while your jacket was hanging on the chair, they fell out. More than likely, this was a crime of opportunity. Tuck them in a purse or leave them hidden in your car. Consider buying the neck strap whenever wearing your glasses where they could fall off and be damaged or lost. As you get situated in that roller coaster seat, first strap yourself in and remove your eye-wear if you haven't already. 


Eye Care For Vision Wear

Cleaning them:

Powerizer is a detergent and cleaner that cleans everything dirty in your home. There is no need to go out and buy a separate cleaner for your shades.  Powerizer effectively cleans glass inside the dishwasher and outside, it rinses clean and leaves no residue behind.  So again, anytime you are using Powerizer to clean a surface or to wash a fabric you must rinse the detergent away.  First clean your glasses with Powerizer to remove dirt, sweat, make-up, and fingerprints. Second, rinse the glasses with plain water to remove residues and the last step is to polish them streak, smudge, and print-free. 

Here is how to clean sunglasses

Eye Care For Vision Wear


1. Add a little more than two (2) fl. oz. (60 ml) of distilled water and two (2) pinches of Powerizer Complete into a cup and microwave the water for 30 seconds. The heat helps speed up the dissolving of the powder granules. Or use hot water instead. Stir around the mixture to make sure all the detergent dissolves.

2. Fill the two (2) fl. oz. applicator bottle with the Powerizer solution and pop open the breath tip. We never recommend mixing Powerizer in a spray bottle application. Anytime natural enzymes are in your formula, its recommended never to spray the solution. Powerizer has powerful enzymes for cleaning and Percarbonates (oxidizing agent). Percarbonates build pressure and stream out and until all the pressure is released. Also, the spray mechanism may stop working.

3. Spritz the detergent onto your glasses and use a microfiber cloth to remove dirt, sweat, makeup, or fingerprints. 

4. Rinse the glasses under the faucet when possible. If not, use the spray bottle with distilled water to rinse and remove any detergent and resides from the lenses. 

5. The last step is to polish the lenses using a microfiber polishing cloth. The Powerizer cloth is a split fiber cloth and is excellent for trapping dirt into the fibers. However, dirt trapped into the fibers can scratch the lenses. Therefore, use a flat weave, microfiber cloth. They are super soft, anti-static similar to ultra suede, and absorb oils. It is the best tool for completing a mechanical clean, which is to use water and your microfiber cloth to remove residues.

As you can see, Powerizer does clean everything dirty. We picked these small containers to store your solution because you don't need to mix a lot and they store nicely in the side pocket of your door or the glove compartment. We picked up the squeeze applicator bottles and the mini spray bottle at the Dollar Store. These bottles are refillable and great for when you need to take Powerizer on the go. Visit the website to find more Powerizer blogs that share more tips on how to use Powerizer in and around your home.

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