How To Deodorize And Remove Funky Smells

December 13, 2019

Do you know where the funky smells are coming from?

Do you remember the hysterical episode of the “Stinksons” Homer, Bart, and Lisa Simpson were shamed and singled out at work and school for wearing clothes that smelled severely? Marge finally realized it came from their washing machine. In a real-life episode, I boarded a flight with a friend sitting next to me with the same funky smell. Let’s say his shoulder wasn’t a welcoming pillow for a long trip. He showered that morning, wore fantastic cologne, but his t-shirt smelled moldy. He had this terrible habit of starting a wash load and forgetting about it. By the time he pulled the clothes out, they were almost dry. Even washing the entire load a second time didn’t remove the mold smell.

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One of Powerizer’s mineral-based ingredients is Sodium Percarbonate. They are backed by plenty of customer testimonials, this environmentally thoughtful non toxic cleaner works to neutralize odors and uses innovative formulations of the science of plant and mineral-based ingredients.

To prove its effectiveness in removing funky odors, our Powerizer tradeshow engineers demonstrate using a common topical antiseptic.

Here is how it works:

First, sprinkle Betadine on a white baby tee. It has an unforgettable stench that is not pleasant. Betadine is used in operating rooms to disinfect or clean the skin. It’s a scent you won’t forget and a difficult stain to remove from garments and your skin.

Next, we add half (1/2) a teaspoon of Powerizer to the container of water and shake it vigorously.  We demonstrated the same wash process using a leading detergent found in most households. Yes, the antiseptic washed in Powerizer disappeared instantly, but the real magic occurred when the jar was passed around to spectators. The container filled with Powerizer Complete and Betadine had only a fresh, sunny citrus scent. The other jar, which contained an industry-leading detergent, still smelled like their fragrance and Betadine. Like walking into a bathroom that smelled of rose-scented air freshener and urine. Reminds you of laundry not cleaned when your detergent fails to deodorize. 

So were going to walk you through removing smelly odors from everything dirty in your home using Powerizer Complete. Here is what you will need.

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Deodorize your Front Load Washing Machine

When it comes to laundry, clean your machine first to eradicate funky smells. Powerizer is a laundry machine cleaner and can quickly deodorize your front load washer to blast the mold and provide a neutral clean environment to wash your clothes. Here is how.

  1. Run an empty cycle with one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete laundry cleaner in the washer drum using hot water.
  2. Wipe down the seals using a concentrated mixture to remove any particles mildew buildup that may have become trapped in the rubber folds. 
  3. Rinse with plain water and a damp ultra microfiber cloth to remove residues.
  4. Leave the door open to dry completely. 
  5. Perform a smell test. If the washer smells clean, proceed with laundry cleaning as you normally would.
deodorizing a washing machine
Deodorize your Garments

We recommend a soak cycle for cleaner laundry with stronger scents like urine or sweat on activewear. To wash an average load of laundry, add one (1) scoop per load. For a more massive amount, use two (2) scoops. In H.E. machines, the water is barely enough to saturate the garments. The soak cycle adds twenty (20) to thirty (30) extra minutes to the wash cycle, allowing extra time for the garments to sit in the drum while the detergent works to neutralize odors and stains. 

Now that most laundry machines are moving toward high efficiency, here are a few things to keep in mind.

· HE washers use almost half the amount of water than a regular wash machine.

· A high-efficiency detergent uses the same amount of detergent; however, it operates using less water, so it’s even more concentrated. 

· High-Efficiency detergents are formulated to produce far fewer suds, so its easier to rinse clean.

· High-Efficiency washers first spin your clothes to distribute them before the water is added.  

· After helping to balance the weight, H.E. washer dispenses just enough water to clean the clothes, which is measured by the dry weight of the load. 

If your washer doesn’t have a built-in soak cycle, Perform a soak using the laundry stripping method with Powerizer, soak your garments in a bucket, the tub or the sink. Use the ratio of one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water. Then wash your garments as usual.

Deodorizing objects all-around your home

Let’s take it a step further and try it on other objects in your home like those funky tennis shoes you don’t want to remove at the gym. The real trophy comes when your detergent can easily remove odors, like cat urine or the stench from the diaper pail. In this case, Powerizer will take home a blue ribbon every time. Your detergent or multi surface cleaner should remove odors instead of leaving an overwhelming scent or giving you a headache.

Here are two approaches to safely removing funky odors from the objects in your home.

1.) Make a pretreat concentrated mixture using one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete in a 16 oz. bottle with a breathable tip. The solution can be used in and around the toilet, inside the empty litter box or diaper pail, on pet stains found on the carpet, inside the greasy fish fry pan, you name it Powerizer DeodorizeIt.  Powerizer works excellent to remove third hand smoke fumes.  If smoking cigarettes in your vehicle has become a habit, the odor can be difficult to mask third hand smoke and may require deodorizing.  Powerizer will tackle cleaning third hand smoke from surfaces in your car no different from similar tasks in your home. Check out these two (2) car cleaning blogs for more details.
2.) Sprinkle Powerizer Complete onto the smelly object in the powder form. Next, add a spritz of water to make a heavy duty paste. Usually, a concentrated solution will be enough to tackle the funk, but when you need to scrub to remove stains, using a powder may be better. Pet stains can seep into tile grout and not only leave an odor but a yellow stain. Pour it inside the toilet, the shoe, anywhere you need to scour the surface to get it clean.
3.) Always rinse with plain water after cleaning with Powerizer Complete. 

Immediately after cleaning, wipe the surface using a clean microfiber cloth and plain water. When using Powerizer on a flat surface, consider using a squeegee and a dustpan to remove the excess detergent and rinse water. Pour just enough water onto the surface to rinse it clean. Next, squeegee all the excess water into a puddle in the middle of the floor or countertop. If a drain isn’t nearby, pool the rinse water into the dustpan and dump the water into the sink, toilet, or the tub. If the water drops clear, then the surface is clean. If not, you may need to scrub more with Powerizer and start the rinse process again. 

Cleaning Windows: Removing third hand smoke residue from windows and mirrors, the clean vs. not clean indicator is obvious. After rinsing the surface, next, squeegee the water off. If white streaks are clouding the mirror or glass, rinse again. After a few times using Powerizer on your glass and mirror surfaces, you’ll be asking yourself, why didn’t I think of this? It’s just that easy.

Now that your an expert check out Powerizer's Subscribe and Save Program, it offers a 15% discount plus free shipping. Soon you will be cleaning everything with Powerizer Complete, so why not save money.  For more helpful tips for cleaning in and around your home, check out the many blogs on our website.  

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