How to Remove Face Painting and Makeup

October 22, 2021

For holiday costumes, Halloween ranks in the top 10 with previous years spending between $8 and $9 Billion dollars. Pop-up shops take over vacant retail space, and between costume stores, online shopping, thrift, and dollar stores, scare enthusiasts are scrambling to gather items to compile accessories, makeup, and wigs to create the best costume for themselves, kiddos, and their furry members. Most costumes require some face painting, which is why we thought it would be helpful to share tips to remove costume makeup from everything dirty using Powerizer Complete safely. 

It's not smart to let special brushes, wash cloths, garments, and hard surfaces sit covered in makeup. They can penetrate in fabrics and surfaces causing them to stain. The best advice is to act quickly and work on removing the stain as soon as possible. Powerizer is a multi-purpose detergent and cleaner with simple ingredients made from plants and minerals. It's a safer-choice cleaning product and a USDA Biobased product. In addition, the ingredients in Powerizer Complete are Leaping Bunny Certified too. 


Regular makeup is usually lighter and meant to blend in with your natural features. The makeup industry has been promoting Micellar Water for safely removing makeup from your skin. It mimics what is known as a surfactant in cleaning products. It does not use alcohol or oil. With minimal ingredients, we picked meaningful ingredients that effectively work to remove stains from fibers and surfaces. Powerizer's plant-based surfactant for laundry shows up to perform four simple tasks in removing stains from surfaces and fibers. 

  1. It’s a wetting agent which allows the powder detergent to penetrate through to the fibers.
  2. Next a surfactant lifts the stain from the fibers or surface.
  3. Then it traps dirt and grease into a Micelle (tiny bubble) so it stays suspended and doesn’t redeposit onto the surface.
  4. And finally suspends dirt in the Micelle. The dirt easily rinses clean with plain water.

The pigments in costume makeup are more opaque and are applied to create a more dramatic appearance that can be seen from a far.  However, one may lean in for a hug or a smudge against your car seat, garment or favorite jacket can be an eyesore.  But never fear if Powerizer is near.  Follow these steps to scare aware stains fast and POWERIZEIT!

How to Remove Face Painting and Makeup

First - Make a concentrated solution

Mix Powerizer Complete using  one(1) scoop to 16 oz. of water in a squeeze bottle.  Saturate the stain or hard surface so that the laundry detergent begins to penetrate the surface. If you’re still wearing the garment, apply the detergent to a split fiber microfiber cloth.  Try not to smudge and enlarge the stain by scrubbing side to side, instead, apply detergent to the cloth and press to blot and twist to absorb the stain.  If the stain isn’t removing easily, allow the laundry soap to sit for up to 8 hours or until you get home and can further pre-treat and scrub the stain thoroughly.  

Second - Mix a wash solution

For cleaning hard surfaces mix one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water.  Wipe surfaces using a split fiber microfiber cloth which are great for scrubbing on a microscopic level and absorbing oils.  In addition, the fibers woven together are usually polyester, polyamide, which are known to attract dust.  The higher the GSM the more absorbent they are.  Although they are great for holding in dust, oil and debris, the fibers are superior to cotton because they easily rinse clean.  When you are done cleaning simply prepare a soak then toss them in the laundry.

How to Remove Face Painting and Makeup

Third - Prepare a soak

Mix just enough water to cover all your garments or tools. Start by adding one scoop to one (1) gallon of water. To soak a smaller item like a wash cloth or makeup brushes, place them in a bowl, cup, or a small bucket. Using less water makes the solution more concentrated. So consider using 1/4 of a scoop instead. Powerizer is a natural detergent and cleaner made of plant and mineral-based ingredients. Rest assured, knowing it's not going to damage or bleach out the colors. It contains Sodium Percarbonate, which is an adduct of Soda Ash and Hydrogen Peroxide. It is a safer choice alternative to traditional bleach. Also, Powerizer contains plant-based enzymes for cleaning that will attack starch and protein-based stains.


Check out this blog on Non-Toxic Detergent, which explains why Natural can be just as effective at cleaning as other popular products containing toxic chemicals. 

How to Remove Face Painting and Makeup

Here is a list of other items to soak used during your makeup application and clean up.

  • Wash Cloths and Hand Towels
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Sponge Applicators
  • Mixing Bowls or Cups

How to Remove Face Painting and Makeup

Last Step, Rinse thoroughly with plain water

After cleaning with Powerizer Complete residues from the detergent and stains removed must be rinsed away to prevent attracting more dirt to the surfaces or fibers just cleaned. 


If your considering trying Powerizer for the first time, consider ordering Powerizer's NEW Starter Kit, which includes a one -1lb. bag, two microfiber cloths, and one squeeze bottle.

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