Minimalist Cleaning With Powerizer

May 29, 2020

When we think of Minimalistic living, we envision fewer things in our home creating more empty space, quality vs quantity. Every time you buy a new pair of shoes you should donate another.  Use what you have before you buy more. Eliminate a vehicle and carpool instead to lessen your carbon footprint. These practices bring simplicity to our lives so that we can clear space, save time, and money. When you have fewer things to manage you can spend your time doing more enjoyable activities and allocate your finances toward more meaningful experiences instead, like traveling. 

Minimalist Cleaning With Powerizer

Powerizer is the only product you need to tackle minimalistic cleaning of everything dirty.  You can pour it, wipe it, scrub it, wash it, and mop it. Protect home plate and score runs with whiter, brighter baseball uniforms.  At 1st base mix a Powerizer pretreat solution at 2nd base make a Powerizer Soak and at 3rd base make a Powerizer natural cleaning powder paste.  Grass stains will never make it home.   Powerizer saves you time, speeds up your cleaning routine, eliminates all the other products with toxic ingredients, reduces packaging, frees up space, and best of all it saves you money. 

When cleaning your home from ceiling to the floor and everything in between, you will perform all of the 5 cleaning activities listed below and thankfully Powerizer easily handles each of them. Let us explain.

Minimalist Cleaning With Powerizer

Pour it.

Powerizer is the ultimate cleaning powder and works great to clean hard surface stains like grease from pots and pans or your cement driveway.  Powerizer removes the wine ring left on the countertop. It dissolves grass stains from your son’s baseball uniform and the drip from the greasy burger that celebrated their win. We had an oops moment, it dissolved nail polish without bleaching the fibers when poured directly onto the carpet then covered with a wet cloth to penetrate the stain. That was a lifesaver for sure.  Powerizer contains no harsh chemicals instead it has a color-safe bleach.

Wipe It.

Now more than ever it’s important to maintain a clean home.  Before any disinfecting occurs, the surface must first be clean.  Powerizer has simple ingredients like plant-based enzymes that dissolve proteins and starches.  A Surfactant suspends the dirt so it easily rinses clean.  And TAED to supercharge Sodium Percarbonate so it effectively cleans in lower temperatures.  So yes, you can spruce up your patio furniture using water from the outside hose. Consider investing in a 6 pack of Split fiber microfiber cloth.  They are made of 70%/30% blend of Polyester/Polyamide split-fibers which are 10-16 times smaller than a human hair and capable of absorbing seven times more liquid than their weight dry. So, wipe once and move on to the next surface. Rinse them off and they can be used again.  

Scrub it.

Not all baked-on messes rinse away with just a wipe.  We recommend soaking pots and pans and then scrub it away with your dish scrubber.   Other tools like a toilet brush, a cooper scouring pad, microfiber cloths, and a silicone bottle brush simplify your cleaning tasks.  These tools combined with a concentrated mixture of Powerizer dissolve and loosen baked-on, caked-on messes which make them easier to rinse away saving you time and energy. 

Wash it.

Not many multi-purpose detergent and cleaners have the efficacy to tackle laundry and dishes.  With Powerizer you can soak or Pre-treat stains and smelly clothes then toss it in the wash with  one(1) to two (2) scoops and the result is brighter and whiter clothes every time.  For washing dishes, all you need is ¾ of a scoop in the dishwasher and your plates are perfect, glasses sparkle, and your pot and pans emerge from the washer with a whole new attitude.

Mop it.

A rain downpour literally rinses away all dirt and debris from our streets. We love it because it’s like the entire neighborhood drove through the touchless carwash.  A good mopping at home helps to wash away dirt, hair, dust bunnies, and crumbs that fall to the floor. However, the IF-Fer mops with replaceable pads, separate holder for the cleaning solution, that is not refillable are all the rage - IN THE LANDFILL. However, even IF you use a clean pad it doesn’t clean your floors effectively.  IF only you knew what was left behind.  On the other end of the spectrum, a traditional restaurant mop station includes a giant mop head that’s impossible to wring, so an enormous mop bucket with a wringing mechanism rolls around your house and takes up an entire closet. Each time you mop your only pushing dirty water across the floor even if you replace the mop head after every cleaning. 

Instead, consider the Wonderwedgie Microfiber Mop.  It sweeps, dusts, and mops using easy to remove, rinse, wash, reusable microfiber cloths.  When accompanied by Powerizer all in one cleaner to clean floors it’s all you need.  The key is choosing the right cloth.   Powerizer's Ultra Plush Split-Fiber Microfiber Cloth is the only way to go.  When used with plain water they are capable of removing up to 98% of Bacteria and 93% of viruses.  However, the first step is to remove the dirt and debris first.  Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloths trap everything into fibers, therefore removing all the hair and debris first is a must.  If you have pets and lots of foot traffic start by spraying the floor generously with plain water and consider buying an industrial floor squeegee or use a small window squeegee and squeegee the floor to pull all the hair and debris into a puddle and toss it into the trash. 

When mopping floors use one (1 ) scoop to one (1) gallon of water.  If you're concerned about the finish on your hardwood floors lessen the dosage to ¼ a scoop to one (1) gallon of water and mop using a damp cloth so that floors are never saturated with the solution.  The last step is to spritz the floor with plain water and replace the cloth used for mopping with a clean dry microfiber cloth.  This time leave the cloth dragging like a superman cape.  Spray and polish 5’x 5’ sections at a time. With each new section move the mop head down the cloth ½ an inch toward the bottom of the hem of the cloth. A new dirt line will emerge until the wedge of the mop has reached the hem of the cloth.  Next, flip the cloth over.  When both sides are soiled, rinse, wring, reattached to the mop, and repeat. It's that easy!

Empty Shopping Aisles Powerizer on one Shelf

Save money

Whether you decide to mix a cleanser concentrated paste or a wash solution, Powerizer dilutes for delicate cleaning, or when mixed with less water it becomes a concentrated solution that eliminates at least a dozen household cleaners in your home. When we calculated a shopping spree for laundry, dish, and other common household cleaners the bill was upwards of $120 dollars.  Powerizer is made from plant and mineral-based ingredients with no fillers or dyes.  It’s a High Efficient detergent that is septic-safe and phosphate-free.  Powerizer is a USDA Certified Biobased Product for cleaning in the categories of Laundry detergent, Dishwasher detergent, Multipurpose cleanerCarpet cleaning, and Furniture and Upholstery cleaning.  Its ingredients are safe and effective enough to be used alone with nothing else.  It's clean everything dirty helping to minimize your time, efforts, and cleaning budget.

Minimalist living is entirely up to you, but Powerizer Complete makes it easy to adopt the philosophies of a simpler, cleaner home. 

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