Powerizer Is The ONLY Thing You Need To Clean Your Insta Pot

February 07, 2020

Cleaning your Insta Pot is easy when you have ONE effective product

Picture of Powerizer bag 1 scoop instapot inner pot being rinsed first step before preparing a soak for all the removable components


The new craze in cooking is to prepare easy quick meals in the Insta Pot. Although it hasn't entirely replaced the crockpot, it has gained popularity among food lovers, for preparing diverse savory and sweet dishes in half the time.  Obviously, the more you use it, the more you fall in love with it, and that means you must clean it more often. Powerizer is a revolutionary eco-friendly detergent and cleaner Powerizer is a revolutionary cleaning product, created to reduce all the excess cleaning products in your home. It cleans effectively which allows you to spend less time and money using a product made from plant and mineral-based ingredients.  

We have researched Insta-Pot's recommendations for cleaning the entire device.  Soapy water was the main recommendation.  However, quite a few youtube videos seemed to recommend vinegar as the number one solution to remove odors, sterilize the pot, and to clean the lid seal.  One You Tuber suggested a Multi-Purpose Cleaner to clean the lid, and another blogger's advice was to use Bar Keepers Friend for the inner pot. Another cleaning influencer suggested using Dish Soap and Baking Soda. We are not saying these products won't work.  However, is it necessary to have four to five ingredients when all you need is ONE? 

Powerizer has an odor neutralizer to neutralize the lingering odors commonly found in the lid seal. It has a supercharged vinegar-like disinfectant ingredient, natural enzymes that break down food, and a hard water softener to remove buildup in the removable inner pot.   And lastly, it's the only thing you need to use in the dishwasher.   Everything rinses clean with just plain water and leaves no residue behind for ease and peace of mind.

Its So Concentrated So You Only Need A Little


We are going to take you through simple instructions on How to clean your Insta Pot using Powerizer Complete. 

Our verified Powerizer reviews has shown to be an effective detergent and cleaner. It's also earned a certification of 70% as a USDA Biobased product in 4 categories. That means it's certified for use in the Dishwasher Detergent, Multipurpose Cleaner, Upholstery Cleaner & Carpet Cleaner, and Laundry Detergent.  It's an all in one (1) detergent and cleaner made from plant and mineral-based ingredients that will tackle and soak all of the removable components, cleaning the inner and outer base and then it will clean the microfiber cloth after you're done.  And last but not least, just add 3/4 of a scoop to the detergent dispenser and start the dishwasher if you choose to do that instead.

Gather all your cleaning tools

5 Cleaning Tools We recommend for Cleaning Your Insta Pot, Powerizer Complete, 16 oz Squeeze Bottle with Breath Tip Cap, Powerizer Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloths and a hand dish scrubber and a tooth brush for getting into smaller crevices

  •  Powerizer Complete
  • 16 oz. Squeeze Bottle with a Breath Tip to Mix a Concentrated Solution
  • Powerizer Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloths for Washing and Polishing 
  • Nylon Bristle Hand Dish Scrubber and a Toothbrush for cleaning smaller crevices

Pictures shows viewers how to make a concentrated solution of Powerizer Complete using 1 scoop (about 2 table spoons) to 16 oz of water in a bottle with s breath tip.  Not to be used in a spray bottle. Image shows pouring 1 scoop in bottle. Next image shows adding added to fill the bottle and last image shows a hand shaking the bottle to mix and dissolve the detergent

First, mix 1 scoop of Powerizer Complete with hot water into a 16 oz squeeze bottle, allow the mixture to dissolve completely with the breath tip open.  While the powder is dissolving begin to remove all the Lid Components and separate the Base Components from the Main Unit.

Rinse all food and debris into the sink down the drain, use a dish scrubber and toothbrush to loosen baked-on food particles. 

Run the faucet to get the water as hot as possible and use the concentrated mixture to squirt the Inner Pot and wipe it clean using the microfiber cloth.  Next, add one (1) scoop of Powerizer to the Inner Pot with hot water filled to the top.  Rinse off all the components to remove any debris then drop the components from the Lid and Base into the Powerizer solution to soak while you clean the lid and base.   Powerizer works quickly to loosen baked-on foods and eliminates lingering odors from the seal ring.

Collage of items being dropped into the soak solution prepared for the Insta Pot inner pot and removable components..

At the same time the components are soaking start to wipe the lid and the base using the concentrated solution. The directions say never to submerge the unit in water, therefore moisten your cloth with the concentrated solution. Scrub residue away using either a microfiber cloth, dish scrubber or toothbrush.  Pay special attention to the lid outer brim where food settles in the crevice of the brim.  Wipe the inside using a damp cloth.  Powerizer cleans best when using hot water.  If the water is too hot to handle use rubber gloves or simply add warm water to reduce the temperature of your cleaning solution. 

Collage of 4 pictures one is showing squeeze bottle with concentrated mixture for targeted cleaning, second is a picture of the soak mixture and the third pics shows the cleaning of the outer surfaces the lid specifically. The last picture show the inner lid seal being wiped with a reminder that Powerizer is an Odor Neutralizer.

Finally, after all the components are clean, rinse all items with warm water before replacing them back to their original intended position.  At this time you can further deodorize by following the same instructions found on page 14 of the instruction manual called the Initial Test Run.  Add 1/4 scoop of Powerizer to the water and start the cycle.  Start the steam cycle which is set for 2 minutes which is plenty of time time to deodorize any lingering food smells.

Powerizer Is The ONLY Thing You Need To Clean Your Insta Pot


Quickly rinse out the lid, remove the inner pot and rinse and dry its components using Powerizer's Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth.  Finally, place everything back for storage with the lid turned upside down to allow any moisture to evaporate. 

Collage of 3 pictures one is an image of the pressure pin and smaller picture of the lid with an arrow to show where it needs to be placed.  Top right image is of the pin placed in the lid. Lower right image is of the Inner Lid Seal properly returned to the lid. Stock image

This technique works well cleaning your crockpot too.  However, if a burn happens you can fill the inner ceramic bowl with water, turn the heat level to low and pour one (1) scoop of Powerizer into the bowl and let it sit for 30-60 minutes to soften the baked-on residues.  In most instances, the mess will simply rinse away.  If necessary use a dish scrubber and dry powder to make a more concentrated mixture to scour away burnt-on residues left inside the inner bowl.

Powerizer is versatile and safe.  Soon the many uses in cleaning will have you  asking why didn't I switch a long time ago.  In this instance, you will find yourself needing more as you begin to eliminate all the other wasteful cleaners in your home.  Powerizer has an amazing Subscribe and Save Program. Find out more about saving money and time. Don't hesitate, sign up today. 

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