Powerizer Launches New Powerizer Complete Cleaning Pods

January 01, 2021

Shopping aisles are lined with Laundry and Dishwasher pods. The market trend for powder detergent decreases while year after year sales for pods continue to increase.  Pods are convenient and take the guesswork out of washing laundry and dishes. However, Powerizer has created a NEW Powerizer Complete Pod –with the same revolutionary breakthrough formula wrapped in a multipurpose detergent pod that can be used in both the laundry and the dishwasher machines.


Powerizer Launches New Powerizer Complete Cleaning Pods

Let’s talk about what makes our NEW Complete Pod so different than others. The single-dose Powerizer Complete Pod is the only multipurpose pod that can also be dropped into a mop bucket or a soaking bin. It quickly dissolves in hot or cold water to create a cleaning solution powerful enough to clean floors, tile, grout, soap scum, and hard-water stains. Toss a pod into the toilet to clean and remove hard water spots or drop a pod into the garbage disposal to neutralize foul smells. Powerizer Pods can even tackle caked-on greasy residues from pots and pans.

First, let us make a visual comparison of the ingredients. Powerizer Complete Pods have the same ingredients as our loose powder detergent. They consist of natural, eco friendly, non-toxic, mineral, and plant-based ingredients wrapped in PVOH film


Powerizer Launches New Powerizer Complete Cleaning Pods
Some brands are packaged with multi-chambers that contain separate ingredients.  Many emphasize their cleaning power or other attributes. Many of these chambers are filled with artificial dyes or fillers. Powerizer Pods have no dyes or fillers and are made with the same mineral and plant-based ingredients found in our powdered detergent.

Well, we are not concerned with winning a Pod's beauty pageant. Single application products painted with bright colors are no comparison to the Powerizer Complete Pods. We assume the added dyes may encourage consumers to buy a detergent. However, these Pods are only capable of completing one household chore. Powerizer's Complete Pods include Natural Enzymes, Nonionic Surfactants, Biodegradable Polymers, Sodium Percarbonate, and Sodium Citrate. These ingredients are formulated to work together from start to finish and made of plants and minerals without artificial dyes.  Each pack measures 17 grams of pure concentrated powder detergent. Why spend money on multiple cleaning products that take up space and are filled with harmful chemicals?

One added benefit of a Powerizer Complete Pod is eliminating spills while reaching in to scoop out a powdered detergent. Another concern for consumers is the fragrance. We found the scent is contained in the pod and far less aromatic when packaged in a POD. Therefore, when used inside both the laundry and dish washing machines, the sunny citrus scent stays contained until released inside the wash cycle. Finally, both machines contain a rinse cycle, ensuring the fragrance rinses clean along with detergent residue. Dishes emerge crystal clear, and laundry dries scent-free.

Powerizer Launches New Powerizer Complete Cleaning Pods

We coined the phrase PowerizeIt!, which starts with Pour it, Wipe it, Sponge it, Scrub it, and Mop it. And now we can identify Powerizer with Toss it too! Toss it into a soak bucket, sink, garbage disposal, the toilet, a dirty pot, the crockpot, slow cooker, mop bucket, wash bucket, inside the laundry drum, and the dishwasher dispenser for a whole house clean.

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