Simple Solution to Eliminate Clutter and Chemicals

October 16, 2020

When eliminating clutter the discussion easily leads to thoughts of a Minimalist Lifestyle, Feng Sui, Less is More, Mise en Place, purging, not using it, get rid of it, buy a new item and eliminate one.  That’s usually a requirement when upgrading a car.  When closet space is minimal these standard operating procedures help to manage a wardrobe and other things in the home.  However, beloved items become collections and are meant to be kept, like a vintage hat collection, art or jewelry.  But, are cleaning products one of them?  Have you ever mistakenly purchased a second bottle of glass cleaner forgetting one was hidden under the bathroom sink? 

Simple Solution to Eliminate Clutter and Chemicals

Start by gathering each and every cleaning product at home, in the garage, trunk of your car and workplace to discuss necessity and redundancy?  Ask yourself, what do I need and what can I get rid of?  Hear us when we say, “Powerizer Complete Cleans Everything Dirty Use what you have or give it away and stop buying more.  When one product runs out, just replace it with Powerizer Complete. 

Cleaning should be simple, quick, and safe.  Simple should include easy transition from one task to the next. Imagine if your laptop isn't connected to the network and you can't print. You are forced to walk to a printer two cubies down and insert a jump drive. However that printer only prints in black and white ink and your document requires color.  O' did I mention it's a legal document.  Finally, you find one that does and you sign the document and attempt, but fail to scan it.  You return back to the first office to scan, however the printer won’t save to your jump drive.  It only uploads to Anita’s computer and she's at lunch.   Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? 

Simple Solution to Eliminate Clutter and Chemicals

Let’s think about how relying on multiple cleaners limits your ability to clean efficiently.  If you are out of laundry soap but only have bleach, laundry will have to wait.  Without stain remover spray, pre-treating is delayed which allows stains to set in longer, making them harder to remove.  Without window cleaner, outside windows will have to wait.   Without a toilet bowl cleaner the urine under the toilet seat will hang around a few days longer.  You can do your best to remove spit spots off the mirror and faucets. And if you are out of carpet cleaner the stain on the carpet will remain an eyesore because dish detergent isn't going to effectively remove it.  Cleaning with products not formulated for your task can be unsafe and compromise the integrity of your surfaces.  However when using an all in one cleaner that is designed to clean everything dirty, you can feel safe knowing the ingredients are not going to fade, bleach or cause damage to surfaces.  Simple Solution to Eliminate Clutter and Chemicals

You should only skip cleaning chores when brunch with friends becomes a priority.  Now you can get it done and out of the way.  Mix a solution of Powerizer Complete to pour it, wipe it, sponge it, scrub it and mop it.  Powerizer is a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner. Drop a cloth into the bucket and remove spit and toothpaste from the sink, dissolve that ring around the bath tub, first clean then polish mirrors faucets and stainless steel.  Wash windows, scrub tile, deodorize toilets, eliminate finger prints from the fridge, vanish microwave splatters, tackle burnt-on spills on the stove, and mop the doggie prints on the floors.  Meanwhile pour a scoop of detergent into the drum of the washer and start a load of laundry, then sprinkle ¾ a scoop in the dish-washing detergent compartment, when you get back from brunch your dishes will be sparkling clean.  Pre-treat that mysterious stain on the garage floor with a paste then come back later, scrub, then spray it away with the hose.  You just Powerized your entire home.  It’s like watching a Clean Freak operate on a double shot of espresso while stuck on the fast forward button.  It's that easy!

Simple Solution to Eliminate Clutter and Chemicals

When determining what mixture to use, we offer simple instructions on the back of the Powerizer Complete bag for laundry, dish, everyday and heavy-duty cleaning.  Powerizer helps to eliminate redundant cleaners, excess containers filled with toxic chemicals and clutter.  Enroll in Powerizer's Subscribe and Save program to schedule recurring purchases so your orders arrive safely on auto-pilot.

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