No Way, One Product Will Replace ALL Laundry Products

June 18, 2021

You Don't Need Laundry Additives or Boosters To Get Your Clothes Clean 

The average American household relies on at least six different products to get their laundry clean. Not anymore! Now you just need Powerizer Complete. Choose from Multipurpose Pods or Multipurpose Powder Detergent.  

What are you putting in your wash?

Bleach to whiten whites?

Color Booster to brighten colors?

Fabric Softener, Scent Booster and or Dry Sheets for softer clothes, to reduce static cling or fragrance to make your clothes smell clean?

Stain Removers to get rid of set-in stains, and of course?

Laundry Detergent to clean the laundry?

There are three problems with this: All these laundry products drain your budget, are hazardous to your health, and are toxic to the environment. Some experts say many of these products contain toxic fragrance chemicals found to be carcinogenic, allergenic, and otherwise harmful to our health.

The good news: Powerizer Complete is an All-In-One Laundry Detergent, one bag has all the additives included in our biobased, green laundry detergent.

Powerizer is a concentrated washing machine cleaner that powers out stubborn stains and extends the life of your washing machine by removing hard water ions and built-up soapy residue and mildew. Powerizer is the ONLY product you need to eliminate dirt, grease, and the most difficult stains from whites, colors, linens, towels, rugs, delicates, and heavyweight fabrics.

On average American family washes over 300 loads of laundry per year or about 50 pounds of laundry per week.  Detergent, additives and home remedy substitutes can get costly.  Have you ever added up how much you are spending? Would you believe that $600 a year on laundry products can add quickly.

That's why we've created Powerizer, how laundry detergents should be made.  One concentrated detergent that cleans everything dirty. Powerizer is made from natural, biodegradable ingredients and free of heavy perfumes,  no dyes or fillers, no phosphates or other damaging chemicals. It's naturally formulated to rinse clean and destroy harmful residue inside your washing machine and remove caked-on residue from your clothes. As a result, laundry is cleaner, softer, brighter, and stain-free with no irritating residue. Powerizer is a heavy-duty laundry detergent for workout clothes, workwear and uniforms. It removes sweat stains, odors, grease, and grime and leaves clothes smelling simply fresh.  No cover-up fragrance smell, we can only describe the smell as clean. 



  1. Laundry Pods and Powder replaces the need to purchase any other laundry booster or make a home remedy solution. 
  2. Reduces environmental waste. Just think of all the bottles, boxes or containers and space you've just freed up.  It's a lot!
  3. Reduces the risk associated with harmful chemical usage.  Safe handling of cleaning chemicals in your home is a must, especially if your have young children, elder adults or furry family members. 
  4. Reduces your monthly spending on cleaning products.  We don't expect you throw out everything all at once, but over time test Powerizer out and see if it performs just as good or better than your existing cleaner.  What do you got to loose? Just PowerizerIt!

Customer Review - Great for laundry stains

"I'm a massage therapist, and I am constantly dealing with oil stains. Powerizer is the only laundry detergent, and soak I use. It works really well for hard-to-remove stains and leaves the laundry smelling great. Highly recommend!" - Liz B

Here's how Powerizer works:

Biodegradable polymers act as anti-filming agents, lifting soil and tough stains from fabric and preventing them from re-attaching to your clothes or your machine. In addition, eco-friendly percarbonate releases hydrogen peroxide, effectively oxidizing stains, dirt, mildew, and harsh minerals contained in hard water environments. 

The unique formula includes negatively charged molecules that attract soil, pulling it out of clothes and away from your washing machine. Powerizer also contains an oxygen bleach powder to brighten colors and keep your whites white. It's safe for use on delicate fabrics, rinses completely clean, and leaves clothes soft and smelling fresh, which in turn can eliminate the need for fabric softener.

Is Powerizer an HE Laundry Detergent?

Yes, Powerizer is High-efficiency (HE) detergent. However, Powerizer is safe for ALL machines, including HE front and top load washers.  One scoop or two (2) Powerizer pods are needed for a large load of laundry.  Most high-efficiency washers use between 11 to 14 gallons of water than to older washers that used around 25-27 gallons per load.  Powerizer's biobased, plant-based formula was formulated to quickly release and suspend soil in low water volume and not allow the soil to be re-deposited. 

What causes residue to redeposit? 

  • Overloading the wash machine with too much laundry.  Too much laundry will not allow the detergent to saturate the clothes or the clothes move freely. Top load machines use a spinning disk or plate.  Front load machines tumble the laundry and water.  Both are gentler than the traditional agitator of older machines. 
  • Using too much detergent or additives can redeposit odors and soil back onto fabrics. In addition more detergent means more suds that won't rinse away easily. 
  • Not using the correct type of detergent can cause residue build in the machine, and on laundry.  

Washing Machine Load Size Chart 

Medium Load   Less than 6lbs. 1 Cleaning Pod or 1/2 Powder Scoop
Large Load   Up to 11lbs. 2 Cleaning Pods or 1 Powder Scoop 
Extra Large Load  Up to 21lbs. 3-4 Cleaning Pods or 1-2 Powder Scoops

The clean-rinsing, eco-friendly formula makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies. In addition, Powerizer's 
all in one laundry detergent leaves clothes softer than ever and with a fresh, clean scent. They smell and feel clean because they are fresh and clean.

Customer Review - Great Product,  Great Service!

"I have been using Powerizer for over a year and LOVE this product. My clothes come out clean and feel like clothes, not like they have a chemical residue such as softener. My towels are more absorbent, water does not stand on the fabric, it sinks in. Fabrics don't bleach out or fade. Will continue to keep the Subscribe and Save program. Very happy with this product, a little goes a long way." - DMeyers

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