12 Tips For Cleaning As You Go

February 19, 2021

With a revolutionary detergent like Powerizer Complete, it is possible to clean everything dirty easily. See how cleaning on the go is simple and easy when you're set up for success.

Keep a squeeze bottle, a soak bucket or set your laundry machine on the soak cycle add Powerizer Complete solution to clean and pre-treat stains in your kitchen, laundry, bathroom, car, and stains and odors your house shoes, workout clothes, sports uniforms and work clothes. 
Kitchen Tips

1. Pretreat pots and pans as soon as they are removed from the oven or stove and still hot.

  • Remove the pot or pan from the stove while it's still hot or leave it on the stove if there is no room for it in the sink.
  • Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of Powerizer Detergent or drop a Powerizer Complete Pod into the pan.
  • Add water and watch the detergent dissolve and sizzle while loosening food residues.
  • Shortly after the pan has cooled down enough, wipe or scrub the pan to easily remove baked-on messes with a cloth, hand dish scrubber, or a brillo pad.

2. Clean and deodorize the garbage disposal
  • Drop a Powerizer Complete Pod or a half scoop of powder into the garbage disposal. 
  • Add 1 cup of ice.
  • Run the garbage disposal for a few seconds.
  • Let it sit overnight and rinse in the morning.

Another Option: If your using powder detergent; pour 1 cup of ice into the disposal first, then pour half scoop of Powerizer into the drain.

3. Clean your water bottles, coffee, or soup thermos immediately after use to prevent sour smells, stains, and dried on hard-to-reach residues.

  • Empty the contents and rinse the container with plain water.
  • Sprinkle 1/2 tablespoon into the container.  
  • Fill the thermos with hot water.
  • Secure the lid and turn upside down to ensure the detergent targets the upper lid. 

4. Make a clean-as-you-go soak bucket

While cooking, prepare a soak bucket or fill up one side of the sink to clean dirty items as you go.

  • Add 1 scoop of Powerizer to 1 gallon of water.
  • To dissolve the detergent faster, consider using only hot water.
  • Place all items used during cooking into the bucket to soak or wash while preparing a meal.

    Vehicle Tips

    5. Clean car spills car

    To keep your car clean on the go, wipe up coffee, juice or soda pop spills easily with Powerizer and our multipurpose microfiber towels. 

    • We suggest keeping a few microfiber cloths in the car at all times.  You never know when a spill is going to happen. 
    • Make a Powerizer solution in a travel size bottle with a breath tip that can be stored in your driver's side door pocket.
    • Keep a small spray bottle filled with plain water handy too.
    • Apply the solution onto the cloth.
    • Wipe the spill using the microfiber cloth.
    • Spray the cleaned surface with plain water and use a dry cloth to lift detergent and residues from the surface.
    cleaning car spills

     6. Cleaning the inside of your car

    You don't need special wipes or cleaners. You can make a Powerizer solution to clean windows, dashboard, door and side panels, console and the vents.  

    • Make an on the go water bottle solution. Use an 8 oz. water bottle. 
    • Pour 1/4 of a scoop into the bottle.
    • Shake to dissolve the solution.
    • Pop a hole in the top of the lid.   
    • Apply the solution to a microfiber cloth to wipe down the interior of the car.
    • Garb another microfiber cloth and apply plain water and wipe everything down.  This remove any access residue left behind from the detergent. 
    cleaning inside your car

    Laundry Tips

    7. Pre-treat Stains 

    Remove set-in stains with Powerizer. Whether they are the hubby's work clothes or the kids sport uniforms make a soak and let Powerizer do the rest. 

    • Place dirty items in a soak bucket or inside the washer.
    • Toss 3 to 4 Multipurpose Cleaning Pods into the wash machine or tub or add two pods to a soak bucket assuming the bucket is large enough to carry an entire load of clothes.  
    • When you are ready to transfer the clothes to the washer, consider using   the detergent to clean the tub or toilet.

    Tip: Make it a habit to undress in the laundry room or near the soak bucket so extra soiled clothes are not mixed up with your everyday clothing.
    Recycle Detergent: In warmer climates or on hot days, use the recycled detergent to scrub the patio deck or cement driveway. 

      8. Prepare a soak 
      Prepare a soak bucket to pretreat cleaning rags as part of your daily routine, especially if you usually toss them in the laundry with other clothing items. It only takes a minute.

      • Prepare a bucket large enough to hold 3-4 cleaning cloths and pour in 1 POD or 1/4 scoop of Powerizer Complete.
      • Fill the container with hot water to dissolve the detergent thoroughly.
      • After soaking, rinse, wring, air dry, and repeat.

        Bathroom Tips

        9.Remove Soap Scum

        Keep a Powerizer Complete squeeze bottle near the shower at all times. Apply the detergent right before your about to exit the shower. When the detergent has a little extra time to sit, scrubbing becomes easier. Also, this habit makes it necessary to clean the surfaces before taking your next shower.

        • First, Mix a Powerizer Heavy Duty Cleaning Solution. Pour one scoop into a 16 oz. bottle and fill the container with HOT water to quickly dissolve the detergent.
        • Apply the cleaning solution to the shower walls. Start in one corner, working from top to bottom, left to right. Be sure to empty the bottle.
        • Finally, sprinkle Powerizer Complete in the powder form onto the shower or tub floor.

        10. Wash slippers or slides while in the shower

        Now that most people are spending more time at home, it's essential not to wear shoes in the house. Instead, keep a pair of house shoes to be worn only inside. They are perfect for wearing socks in the winter too. These slides can get  funky and dusty and occasionally need to be cleaned. Handle that while taking a shower. It only takes a minute.

        • Step in the shower wearing your slides to get them wet.
        • Apply the Powerizer heavy duty cleaning solution to the upper and bottom of the slippers.
        • Rinse the detergent off with plain water.
        • Let them dry by placing them against the shower wall. 

        11. Pretreat workout clothes in the shower

        • Mix a concentrated pre-treat solution.
        • Remove the garment to inspect for prominent soiled areas.
        • Saturate the stains and vigorously rub the fibers together to loosen the stains.
        • Rinse the detergent from the bra.
        • Hang it up to dry over the shower head.
        Another option: If necessary, fill the tub or sink with just enough water to submerge the item and pour in 1/4 scoop to further soak the garment.

          12. Daily Bathroom Cleaning Habits 

          Implementing a daily cleaning routine will help keep your bathroom clean and odor-free. Make a Clean As You Go solution and wipe the tub, faucet, or other shower surfaces before you get out the shower.  After your morning or night bathroom routine, clean the counter, faucet, and sink with Powerizer Complete. 

          • Apply a Powerizer mixture to the surfaces.
          • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface clean.
          • Rinse the cloth with plain water to remove detergent and dirt trapped in the fibers.
          • Wring the cloth, wipe all surfaces again to remove the detergent,
          • Optional, use another microfiber polishing cloth to polish and shine, leaving the surfaces spot-free.
          • Squeegee the shower walls and glass doors to keep soap scum at bay. 

          When you incorporate these everyday clean-as-you-go tips cleaning becomes more manageable. Consider purchasing the Powerizer Starter Kit. It's the first step in multitasking like a real clean freak.

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