Simple Water Bottle Cleaning Tips

February 21, 2020

Easy Ways to Clean your Water Bottles with Powerizer

The fact is everyone must drink water, and the consumption of individual serve water bottle sales are never going away. Drinking water to stay hydrated is usually a top resolution for New Year's, and it promotes healthier lifestyle habits. It helps eliminate headaches, lose weight, promotes youthful skin, it helps to stimulate digestion and is the best replacement when you must avoid sugar-filled carbonated drinks. 

Let's bring insight into your water bottle routine and were going to share a few tips for safe water drinking by reducing your chances of consuming harmful bacteria and spreading colds and viruses. Powerizer Complete is a multipurpose detergent and cleaner that effectively cleans everything dirty, including your water bottles. 

To start, it would be best if you chose the safest refillable water bottle. We found many arguments against refilling plastic one-use bottles. Even though your motivation may be to recycle, repurpose, or reuse, it may not be the safest thing to do. The fact that your hands and mouth touch them, which are two of the dirtiest parts of the body, we can assume it will require powerful cleaning. These bottles can be difficult to clean correctly. Water bottles can become an ideal environment for bacteria to grow.  Once opened, tiny holes can form and allow bacteria to seep in, even after the lid is secured. To find out more about this topic, review this article written by the Environmental World Group, which does a great job explaining why you should use Polypropylene bottles if you decide to use a plastic container. Another article describes how to help eliminate your exposure to PBA's, which are found in plastic.

The best water bottle containers to use are Stainless Steel or Glass. These materials will eliminate your exposure to toxins found in many plastics. Powerizer easily cleans stainless steel, and glass and below is a list of the best tools for cleaning water bottles.

Simple Water Bottle Cleaning Tips

Below are three (3) different methods for cleaning your bottles using Powerizer Complete

Simple Water Bottle Cleaning Tips

1. Prepare a Concentrated Solution using one (1) full scoop in a 16 oz squeeze bottle. Use hot water when possible to help the detergent dissolve faster. This mixture can be left on your counter to replace dish soap. The solution is excellent for quick hand washing when you realize it's dirty and is needed immediately. Add a few squirts of a concentrated mixture to the outer and inner parts of the lid then focus on the mouth of the container. Next, add a squirt or two to the inside of the bottle. Fill the container with hot water and allow the solution to work its magic.

Simple Water Bottle Cleaning Tips

2. When food odors have become a problem, it's best to neutralize the odors by Preparing a Soak with one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete to every one (1) gallon of water, allow the container, and the lid to soak in the solution. Make sure you submerge the bottle entirely underwater. 

Simple Water Bottle Cleaning Tips

3. The last option is to Sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of Powerizer Complete in the Powdered Form, then add HOT water into the bottle. Using the powder ensures the Percarbonates in the mixture are used at maximum concentration. This ingredient won't activate until the moment water enters the container.  It will remain active for up to eight (8) hours.

Below are practical tips for healthy water bottle habits.

  1. Avoid using plastic containers whenever possible; instead, stick with stainless steel or a glass container.  
  2. Rinse the bottle immediately after use to avoid residues to dry and harden inside the container. It can make it more challenging to clean, especially if you are using it for drinking soups or smoothies.
  3. Never share your water bottle with a friend. Grab a straw or pour it into your mouth.
  4. Whenever possible, purchase a wide mouth opening for reaching further down into the container.
  5. Look for a Silicone Bottle Brush they rinse clean. Avoid using a sponge brush cleaner, which is known to harbor bacteria. 
  6. If dried on foods still aren't rinsing away, insert a damp Microfiber Cleaning Cloth into the container. Use the handle of the brush cleaner to push it as far down as you can.  Use the handle to stir and wipe the interior sides to remove hard to reach residues.
  7.  Dry the container with a clean Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth. Never store it with the lid on unless the inside of the bottle is completely dry.

The most important step in cleaning your bottles is to remove residues so that your container is clean and safe for the next use. Powerizer Complete always rinses clean with just plain water.  When it comes to cleaning your water bottles, we are confident Powerizer will tackle the job efficiently. It's pretty simple and straight forward.

Another option is to wash bottles in the dishwasher. Powerizer can be used in the dishwasher and is effective at cleaning both your washing machine and your dishwasher.

Did you know Powerizer has many other uses, It wipes away dust and fingerprints easily from windows and stainless steel? Powerizer will dissolve soap scum from your glass shower door enclosure. When used in a concentrated formula, Powerizer will remove grease from pots and pans and cut through hard water spots on your plumbing fixtures. 

We loving sharing information about the diversity of Powerizer.  We've been trained that you need a specific cleaner for a specific task, well not anymore. We've created a simplified cleaner that tackles many tasks. Can a detergent that is used in my Washing Machine also be used to clean my Dishwasher? Well YES!!!  So give it a try.  Sign up today for Powerizer's Subscribe and Save Program and receive 15% off your orders.

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