All Purpose Cleaner Makes Life Easy for Empty Nesters

January 22, 2021

When parents become empty-nesters, lifestyle changes can affect how they function at home, with meal prep, physical, mental health, and even managing finances. These lifestyle changes may be all the motivation needed to finally repurpose that empty bedroom, downsize your home, purge excess clothing and oversized household fixtures, travel more or even start a new hobby. Regardless of what your next empty-nesting move is, Powerizer Complete is an easy choice for your go-to all purpose detergent that’s cleans everything dirty before, during, and after the transition.

cleaning closets and home gym

Repurpose, Redesign and Reuse

Convert that extra bedroom into a workout space, craft room, study, or even a giant walk-in closet. Wash all hard surfaces such as the floors, walls, windows, baseboards, closet cubbies, and furniture items with one multi surface cleaner like Powerizer Complete. Move everything out and bring in what is clean and useful for the repurposed space.

decluttering your home


Downsize and Purge

Funding college or setting goals for paying off debt may require downsizing your household budget. When this happens, priorities shift, and moving into a smaller home can trigger the need to remove oversized furniture, purge excess linens, kitchen items, and remove expired items from the pantry. Also, personal items taking up space may need to be stored, removed, or donated. This process will include laundering items, dusting, mopping, and cleaning items to donate or refreshing items you intend to keep.

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Get out on the Road

Instead of sitting shoulder to shoulder on an airplane, many couples take road trips during the this Pandemic to practice social distancing. If you decide to travel in your vehicle or rent an RV, Powerizer can help clean up before, during, and after the trip. Powerizer is a High Efficient and Septic Safe Detergent, so it's safe for use in an RV, which requires a septic tank to manage its onboard sewerage system.

Powerizer covers all household cleaning chores and can be used to clean all vehicle interior surfaces, including carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces. If an Airbnb rental becomes your final destination, here are tips for cleaning an Airbnb with Powerizer Complete.


Rinse Surfaces

When using a Multipurpose detergent and cleaner, it's essential to mention detergents are usually used inside the laundry and the dishwashing machines. Both have a built-in rinse cycle. Therefore when cleaning everything else outside of a machine, one extra step is required.  We start by emphasizing an ultimate clean requires a rinse.  After washing, wiping, or mopping, both fibers, and hard surfaces must be rinsed clean with plain water to remove residues.

cleaning surfaces with powerizer detergent

A typical glass cleaner can not wash clothes, but Powerizer's unique formula is safe to clean both glass surfaces and fabrics. 

Powerizer has natural ingredients that ensure the detergent rinses clean in hot or cold water. However, when used on a surface and left to dry, a white residue will remain. The residue isn't avoidable in a multipurpose detergent and cleaner and has raised concern with consumers. If Powerizer can be used on glass, it should surely be able to wipe dirt then walk away. Powerizer is formulated to clean many different surfaces such as fabrics and hard surfaces. It must contain a oxygen bleach powder, natural enzymes, a surfactant, and a hard water softener, to name a few. To break down stains, burnt on residues, or grease, a mostly water-based cleaner isn't going to be as effective in providing the best results in cleaning everything and isn't going to dissolve or dry clean. It must be rinsed clean.

multi purpose cleaner

Powerizer's newest addition to the family is the Powerizer Complete Pod. The same revolutionary detergent is now also available in a convenient Pod. The pod is less messy, easy to store, and the fragrance stays contained inside until it dissolves inside the machine. They are perfect for traveling, especially if you are concerned about using products that aren't environmentally friendly.

powerizer complete cleaner

Powerizer's subscribe and save program offers a 15% discount for all purchases made through the program.  Consumers can customize the program to set up recurring orders that ship free and deliver to your front door.

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