Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

October 02, 2020


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News Release: Coronavirus Stable Hours On Surfaces

Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

During the pandemic, Airbnb created a cleaning protocol for Hosts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to both cleaning staff and guests. The guide offers well thought out recommendations for cleaning. Hosts are encouraged to complete the cleaning quiz, which certifies their commitment to adopting the protocol. In return, a particular highlight appears on their listing page. An “Enhanced Clean” star appears on the screen and states the host is committed to a rigorous cleaning protocol developed with leading health and hospitality experts.

Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

We were excited to share how Powerizer Complete, a real multipurpose detergent, and cleaner, allows hosts to streamline the tasked mentioned in the protocol, saving time and money. Whether or not hosts decide to leave a 24-hour window between the last check out and the next arrival, Powerizer will give you peace of mind knowing you can complete an "Enhanced Clean" using a product made of mineral and plant-based ingredients so cleaning staff and guests can use non-toxic chemicals.


The steps in the "Enhanced Clean" protocol don't' have to be rigorous. We compiled a summary of the five steps and have suggestions on how to incorporate Powerizer Complete.

Step 1:  Prepare for Safer Cleaning

The first recommendation is to gather all your cleaning supplies. 

Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

The emphasis is to obtain products and tools to effectively clean, sanitize, and disinfect to lower the risk of infection or disease transmission. However, without effectively cleaning surfaces, it can never be sanitized or disinfected correctly. Powerizer effectively cleans everything dirty. Let's discuss what is meant by the word effective


Powerizer does not have a seal from the European Chemicals Agency or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; however, it chose safer choice ingredients. Powerizer is a USDA Biobased Product approved for cleaning in four categories, Laundry, Dish, Carpet & Upholstery, and Multipurpose Cleaning. Instead of using liquid bleach, Powerizer chose a color-safe oxygen bleach powder known as Sodium Percarbonate. SPC is an adduct of sodium carbonate (soda ash) and 32.5% by weight of Hydrogen Peroxide, an eco-friendly disinfectant. After calculating Powerizer's overall formula, the hydrogen peroxide by weight measures twice the amount found in the brown bottle consumers purchase over the counter in a drug store. 

Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

Common Household Products that can destroy the Coronavirus

Powerizer effectively cleans laundry, carpet, upholstery, dishes, appliances, bathroom surfaces, and other hard surfaces such as countertops, window screens, windows, and floors. Instead of reading the safety guidelines for the chemicals found in products, you can spend a few minutes reading a recent Powerizer blog, which explains why Powerizer is the best all in one cleaner. It shares further details about how the ingredients in Powerizer safely lifts stains, dissolves grease, break down starch, protein, dirt, softens hard water, and rinses clean to leave no lingering scent or harsh chemicals.

Other recommendations for this step include

  • Avoid entering the unit until guests have checked out.
  • Set buffers between the check-out and the next check-in to allow plenty of time to clean.
  • Wear protective gear such as an apron, gloves, mask, and shoe coverings.
  • Replace gloves and cleaning cloths after cleaning each room.
  • Shut the door and avoid entering back into rooms after cleaning them.
  • Wash hands often using soap for 20 seconds.


Step 2. Clean Dust and Remove Debris

The simplified protocol uses one product to Pour It, Wipe It, Sponge It, Scrub It and Mop It. PowerizeIt!

Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

Here are our recommendations for picking the best tools to simplify cleaning effectively.

Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

1. Powerizer replaces ALL cleaning products.
Pour it into a bucket, sink, toilet, tub, into a squeeze bottle or directly onto a tough stain to make a cleanser paste for concentrated cleaning. Pour one (1) scoop in the laundry or two (2) scoops for a larger-heavier soiled load. Pour ¾ a scoop in the dishwasher and press start.

To make a simple cleaning solution add one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water.  Then wipe, sponge, and mop away dust, dirt, debris from surfaces.  For a heavy duty-cleaning solution, add one scoop to 16 oz. of water in a squeeze bottle with a breath tip. Use it to pretreat stains, apply to tile or grout. Use it to replace your hand wash dish solution and carpet and upholstery cleaner.

2. The Power of Split Fiber Microfiber
A microfiber cloth is super-absorbent, with fibers densely made of Polyamide and Polyester. A quality split-fiber cloth will absorb the liquid rather than push it away. The difference is night and day and can significantly speed up your cleaning routine.


 Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

The EPA has published multiple reports about Mechanical Cleaning floors with a microfiber mop. It eliminates harsh chemicals by using a tool and only water. It's only useful if the microfiber cloth is a split-fiber cloth that can trap in the dust, lint, germs, pollen viruses, and bacteria until rinsed away. We recommend mopping using one scoop of Powerizer using one gallon of water and a microfiber mop secured with a replaceable split-fiber microfiber cloth. For larger rooms, you may need to replace the cloth half-way through the task or remove it and rinse it thoroughly in Powerizer and reattach the fabric to complete the second half of the room.

Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

Step 3:  Sanitize with disinfectant

Airbnb has made it clear the objective when sanitizing is to use chemicals to reduce the number of germs and bacteria. When selecting products to clean effectively, we suggest Powerizer because it contains twice the amount of Hydrogen Peroxide made available in the store bought brown bottle. 

1. Make a kitchen cleanser paste to clean extra dirty surfaces like tile and grout lines.
2. Pre-treat stains and hard surfaces and allow the solution to sit longer. Apply a heavy-duty cleaning solution to stains on bedding and let it sit for at least ten (10) minutes before tossing them into the wash.
3. Pre-soak high use fabrics, like pillowcases, and microfiber cloths and dishes to give the Nonionic Surfactant, Sodium Percarbonate and Natural Plant-Based Enzymes in the formula extra time to do its jobs.
4. Rinse off all surfaces with plain water. Watch the detergent cascade down to reveal spot-free mirrors, walls, windows, tile, doors, and other hard surfaces like countertops. Then follow back up by wiping left to right, top to bottom in a zig-zag movement with a squeegee. 

Simplified Tips for Cleaning an Airbnb Rental

5.  Sanitize with a microfiber cloth. The last step in the sanitizing protocol is to perform a mechanical clean using plain water and a clean, dry split-fiber microfiber cloth to remove up to 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses. Spritz the floor or any hard surface with plain water and wipe with a microfiber cloth.
6.  Sanitize laundry, most high efficiency wash machines are equipped with a sanitize option. if this option is not available use the hottest temperature and dry on high heat.

Step 4: Incorporate a Room by Room Checklist

Checklists are an essential step ensuring consistency. When used properly, they can be incorporated into a standard protocol for just about any task and help set higher standards in this instance. Each Airbnb checklist will differ from the other.  Customize your list for each room. For example, the bathroom in the basement may only have a shower, sink, and toilet when the bathroom on the main floor has a shower with a curtain instead of a glass enclosure, stand alone tub, his and hers sink, and a toilet. Here are some suggestions for using the checklist:
    • Identify every object in the room and add it to the list.
    • Print the list, post it in an inconspicuous place like the vanity or medicine cabinet door. 
    • Laminate it, use a velcro or a sleeve to protect it or from it mistakenly being thrown away.
    • Update your checklist so guests are not expecting make-up wipes and they no longer are available.

Step 5: Reset The Room

The last step is to ensure everything used along the way is clean and replenished for the next use. Whether your space is best described and feng shui, funky, eclectic, modern or contemporary, make sure you follow "Mise en place." Have a place for everything. Guests will appreciate the broom, dustpan or vacuum  in the broom closet. Cleaning supplies should be easy to find so guests can find them during their stay.


We recommend posting a simple reminder to guests that you have made a conscious decision to switch to Powerizer Complete to clean everything dirty. Truly Enhanced Clean uses one detergent and cleaner Powerizer Complete, and your cleaning ratings and reviews should support your efforts.


Although we would like to think most guests will know how to use
Powerizer, most will not. Therefore, keep a tightly closed jars filled with Powerizer Complete in the laundry, bathroom, kitchen, and cleaning cabinets and reference the dosage chart for effective cleaning.  Cut out or take a photo and insert the dosage chart in the digital or physical guest manual.


Using Powerizer has many benefits for your guests and for your rental property.  It's non-toxic, contains no fillers or dyes that can an allergic reaction. Powerizer is super concentrated, so a little goes a long way. It versatile and can be used on multiple hard surfaces and lift toughs stains.  There's many other benefits as well but as a property owner the add bonus is you can cut down on cleaning supplies and other routines maintenance costs.  


Order a size that fits your property needs.   

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