How To Clean Your Cleaning Tools

March 20, 2020

There are just some cleaning tools that are essential to have on hand when cleaning.    

Disinfecting surfaces has become an important topic in killing COVID-19, bacteria, germs, and other viruses.  So how do you clean them? Bleach? Well, yes, it is a disinfectant. However, bleach does have precautions when using. It's recommended you wear gloves, never mix it with Lysol, glass cleaners, ammonia, or vinegar. Bleach emits a pretty toxic fume, and if it splatters on your carpet, upholstery, or other fabrics, it will remove the dye and can ruin them.  Powerizer is a multipurpose cleaner and detergent that effectively cleans everything dirty, including your cleaning tools before your disinfect. 

Powerizer Complete is a safer choice cleaning product, made of plant and mineral-based ingredients. Powerizer recently obtained it's USDA Certified Biobased product label for its participation in USDA BioPreferred Program. Bleach is a pesticide. It kills bugs, and this is needed when it comes to cleaning surfaces to help reduce the spread of viruses, germs, and bacteria.  

To disinfect a surface, it first must be cleaned. Powerizer Complete Pods and powder can be used as a toilet bowl cleanerFor instance, when cleaning toilet bowls, vomit or feces must be cleaned and washed away before disinfecting. We are confident Powerizer will tackle cleaning all the surfaces before disinfecting them and the cleaning tools you use. Have you ever placed a mop in some fresh mop water only to realize the water turns brown before mopping? The mop head was dirty. Or have you sat at a restaurant table freshly wiped and the table smelt moldy even though it was recently cleaned? The rag sat in the water too long and began to smell of mold.  This is why its essential to start with a clean tool, such as a mop, broom, cloth, scrubber, etc.

Not all cleaning tools are created equal. Here we have compiled a list of  of cleaning tools to use. Take a look

How To Clean Your Cleaning Tools

Surprisingly your dishwasher can clean several other small items, since the water temperature can reach up to 140 degree Fahrenheitit it great for sanitizing cleaning tools before and after cleaning. 

Items listed above are:

1. A handheld Squeegee is a must for cleaning surfaces. When swept across the countertop or a bathroom floor with just a little bit of water, it pools all the water, which also catches hair and debris. Use a dustpan to pick it up off the floor or counter and dump the waste in the toilet, sink, or trash.  

2. Silicone tools are better than using a sponge. Consider replacing any foam brushes or scrubbing pads with a silicone tool instead. Silicone tools can be cleaned in a dishwasher. You can throw them with in the wash each time you run a load. They are less likely to harbor bacteria, unlike sponges.

3. Plastic Hand Dish Scrubber is excellent for scrubbing hard surfaces like your tile and tub.

4. Use a Copper rather than the metal scrubbing pad, and they are incredibly useful in removing baked-on messes from metal pots and pans. Copper is a softer metal and less likely to remove protective non-stick coatings from your containers. They don't rust and are less likely to splinter. Metal pads break off and rinse down the sink and can get lodged in the blades of the garbage disposal.

5. If you use a Toilet Bowl Brush Holder, you must take extra steps before placing the used brush back into the holder. After each use, set the head of the brush under the seat of the toilet bowl. It suspends the brush over the commode. Give it time to air dry, so it doesn't sit in dirty water in the holder. The dirty poop water causes the bristles to turn brown and harbor bacteria.

6-7. Rubber Suction Cup Hooks are great for attaching to vertical surfaces when its necessary to hang an object nearby. In this case, we suggest attaching one to the side of every one of your toilet bowl tanks to hang your toilet bowl brush. If you notice the bristles start to look brown, its time to wash it. If it isn't coming clean, you may want to replace it every 3 to 6 months. The best option is to buy them at the Dollar Store. Who wants to spend excess money on a toilet bowl brush. 

8. Detachable Vacuum Parts including the Collection Tank and Filters should be rinsed thoroughly in the sink or tub to remove as much of the debris as possible. Squirt a Powerizer wash solution inside the container, saturate the filter, and the inside of the vacuum parts before placing them in the dishwasher.


How To Clean Your Cleaning Tools

9. When it comes to cleaning surfaces, hands down a microfiber cloth outperforms a cotton cloth every time. Consider buying our Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth six-pack to keep one handy in every room of the house. Trust and believe, once you use these and experience the benefits for yourself, you won't want to use anything else. Read our previous blog on essential cleaning tools to use What's In Your Cleaning Toolbox? This does a great job explaining the fiber's components, its absorbent properties, and how to wipe, scrub, absorb and dust with them. They are the most versatile tool for cleaning. When attached to a mop head, it makes cleaning surfaces below the waist and above the shoulders much more straightforward. Quickly wash the detachable cloth in the washer with one (1) scoop of Powerizer per load. If it's heavily soiled, soak it overnight in Powerizer.

Tips: Never add a fabric softener or place them in the dryer with dryer sheets to avoid coating the fibers. They usually air dry in a few hours or less.

How To Clean Your Cleaning Tools

Some items are just too large to wash in the dishwasher and can't be thrown in the laundry. So instead, make a soak. Either in a sink, tub, or a large bucket. To make a Soak Solution, mix one (1) scoop of Powerizer to every gallon of water. Clean these larger items after regular use and hang them to dry before their next use. Be sure to wipe down handles and use a microfiber cloth to remove excess water to ensure they are thoroughly dry.  

The picture above includes standard cleaning objects commonly used to clean your home or workspace.

10. The Bucket show is collapsible and great for storing in small spaces.

11. The Dust Pan is all metal that will last forever. It's sturdy enough for outside cleaning and sterilizes easily.

12. The Nylon Bristle Broom has smaller feathered strands that allow for less dirt to fly around the room. A straw broom is best used outside and tends to break off over time. 

13. The look of a stainless steel Trash Can is desirable; however, a plastic can will also suffice. Regardless of which one you choose, the best feature is the footstep lever to spring open the lid, which allows you to toss the trash in without touching the cover.

14. The WonderWedgie Mop is a mop head with a ridge that helps to scrub grout lines and corners of baseboards along with regular mopping. It has a telescoping pole so it can help reach high and low areas more easily. It makes reaching behind the toilet, the top tiles in your shower, windows, or baseboards are more natural. It securely holds any microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are more absorbent than ordinary cotton fibers allowing a smaller piece of fabric to tackle messes with more efficiency. This type of mop eliminates the over-sized mop-bucket requiring a squeeze mechanism and a whole closet to store it in. The cloths remove quickly and rinse in the sink to remove debris and easily reapply in seconds. Again, the pole and head can be wiped down or soaked using a Powerizer cleaning solution. 

It's clear; not all cleaning supplies are the same. A painter knows from experience that the best paintbrush will provide a better finish. It's up to you to pick and choose what cleaning tools work for you. Try Powerizer Complete to clean all your surfaces before disinfecting them and start with a clean device. Consider buying six (6) to twelve (12) microfiber cleaning cloths for household cleaning to kick off your spring cleaning.

Next, add to your cart the WonderWedgie Microfiber Mop to simplify cleaning surfaces that are hard to reach and get rid of the terrible mop smell forever. Powerizer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all items we sell. Clean smarter and more effectively with Powerizer's products. 

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