How To Keep Your Dishwasher Fresh And Clean

July 31, 2020

We were amazed that the dish cleaning industry had gotten away with formulating ingredients to clean only dishes. Somehow, removing spots became a new category in clean dishes, and a rinse aide spun onto the market. Now its standard to have a unique dispenser to hold rinse aide. Individual indicators alert consumers when it’s time to refill a reservoir, or some models won’t start. Recently, manufacturer recommendations for proper cleaning of dishwashers suggest adding tablets to an empty dish cycle to clean and deodorize the machine at least once a month. The combined cost to purchase dishwasher detergent, rinse aid, and a dishwasher cleaner is around $26.00.

How To Keep Your Dishwasher Fresh And Clean

In a previous blog, we mentioned that popular cosmetic companies have managed to combine ingredients to moisturize skin, diminish wrinkles, add a sunblock, and offer it to consumers in a wide selection of pigment shades. Why can’t one cleaner wash your dishes, make sure they are spot and residue-free while cleaning your machine? The ingredients in Powerizer Complete work together effectively to clean everything dirty even though they originate from plants and minerals.  Here are a few customer experiences which help explain what to expect from a dishwasher machine cleaner like Powerizer.


How To Keep Your Dishwasher Fresh And Clean

It order to maintain your dishwasher you must take care of it.  Powerizer is a detergent and cleaner that effectively cleans dishes, the machine and helps to reduce build up of the lines exiting the machine.  Here are some key ingredients that perform all three tasks using only one product.

Natural Enzymes

We have mentioned how effective natural plant-based enzymes for cleaning and removing stains from laundry, but seriously, they are the key ingredient for attacking starch and proteins in the residues left behind from food.  Specially formulated Enzymes are essential.  An Enzyme is a protein made of up various combinations of amino acids that speed up the efficacy of chemical reactions. They are highly efficient, and it's why just a little scoop of Powerizer goes a long way.

Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)

Soda Ash is an exceptional hard water dishwashing detergent ingredient used for softening hard water.  85% of residents in the US suffer from hard water with calcium and magnesium build up also know as limescale deposits found inside your pipes, dish washer jets, toilet bowl, bathroom faucet or the shower head.  With softer water and less mineral build up, your appliances perform better.  

Surfactant for Dishwashing

We are excited to have a Surfactant made primarily of two sustainable ingredients (coconut oil and sugar) Powerizer's special nonionic surfactant blend does not interact with magnesium and calcium ions found in both hard water laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent so it works better.  A surfactant can only be formulated in a laboratory.  A surfactant has four roles in removing grease,  Its first role, is to perform as a wetting agent which allows the powder detergent to penetrate the grease stain.  Next, it loosens the grease from hard surfaces or fibers.  Then it traps the grease into the micelle and the last step is to suspend the grease into the water so it can easily be rinsed away. 

Sodium Percarbonate

Sodium Percabonate is an adduct of soda ash and 32% by weight of hydrogen peroxide.  In dishwasher detergent it is the color safe bleach and the oxidizing agent in Powerizer.  It removes stains, is less corrosive than chlorine bleach, less damaging to fibers and more environmentally friendly.  With TAED added it boosts the performance of hydrogen peroxide which doesn't perform well in temperatures below 40°C. As an activator is helps boost productivity by speeding up the bleaching reaction so that it can effectively clean in lower temperatures.  This is especially important when dishwashing detergent travels outward leaving sewer lines much cleaner than before.


Glucopon is a made from regrow-able raw materials, such as corn, fatty alcohols from coconut and palm oils. Its a superior wetting agent that's known for it's non-streaking non-filming and non etching characteristics.  Its non greasy on glossy surfaces and non corrosive on synthetic surfaces which makes it great for laundry and hard surface cleaning.  It's another reason your dishwasher detergent easily cleans your machine while its running the dish cycle.

With less than one little scoop Powerizer's perfectly formulated dishwasher detergent and cleaner attacks stains, dissolves food, softens water, works in hot and cold water and provides a protective coating during the wash process to prevent etching.  Hard surfaces dry streak free once rinsed clean with plain water. 

How To Keep Your Dishwasher Fresh And Clean

To Run A Machine Clean On Your Dish Washer all you need is Powerizer. 

Follow these simple steps.

  • Put three-fourths of a scoop of Powerizer into the dispenser
  • Empty the dishwasher and place one clean glass on the dish rack
  • Run a normal dish cycle
  • When the cycle is over check the clean glass to see if cloudiness is present.  If the glass isn't clear residues are still present in the dishwasher and we recommend running a second cycle.  Don't forget to place a clean glass on the rack again this time move it to the opposite shelf. 
  • For the second cycle pour the dry powder detergent onto the bottom floor of the dishwasher.  The heating elements and the water will surely dissolve the dry detergent quicker and hopefully be even more effective at breaking down lime scale build up that may have deposited on the spinning arm and open up the water jet holes if any are clogged. 
  • After the dish cycle has ended, wipe all surfaces with plain water using a damp microfiber cloth to remove any excess residues that may simply need to be lifted and wiped away. 

Currently there over 680 combined Powerizer reviews on it's website and on Amazon. Consumers have embraced using Powerizer in the dishwasher, making it our most popular cleaning category.  Cleaning your machine has become an added benefit to the dish cycle.  Consumers are beginning to understand how significant regular cleaning of your appliances especially your dishwasher contributes to cleaner dishes on a consistent basis.  Let us know how it has worked for you so far.

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