Erase Magic Eraser From Your Shopping List

June 19, 2020

At Powerizer, our job isn't complete until the entire world has embraced a minimalist lifestyle and adopts Powerizer as it's the only safer choice, non-toxic detergent, and cleaner. Unfortunately, we're not there yet.

While we wait for a vaccine for Covid-19, never fear Powerizer Complete is your best choice for a multipurpose detergent and cleaner that is safe, versatile, and effective enough to clean everything dirty.

Erase Magic Eraser From Your Shopping List


Our grandiose vision may take many years to accomplish. In the meantime, we fully endorse the concept of mechanical cleaning to finish or accompany any Pour itWipe itSponge ItScrub It, or Mop It task completed with Powerizer. We often mention mechanical cleaning, which accompanies the rinse process when cleaning surfaces, because it avoids using harsh chemicals. Many times, all you need to clean a surface properly is to apply water to it. All other times use Powerizer. The best cleaning tools can effectively scrub, lift and rinse dirt, residues, and build up. The best tool for the job can vary from a split fiber microfiber cloth, squeegee, hand sander, razor blade, silicone bottle brush, nylon dish scrubber, or a broom. Although this is only a shortlist, creative tools continue to emerge in the marketplace. However, one device mentioned often and known for its ability to remove residue from surfaces is the Magic Eraser.

Today, we're not here to denounce or endorse the Magic Eraser. That's not our goal or ambition when convincing customers to try Powerizer Complete. Instead, we're only here to state the obvious. Use the Magic Eraser with caution. No different than a razor blade, it's super useful but can be damaging to your surface if misused. 

4 Things You Should Never Use A Melamine Foam Eraser On:

1.) Walls - Make a solution of Powerizer and wipe the area.  If a scuff on the wall isn’t coming off, apply paint to touch up the wall, use a dish sponge, make- up wedge applicator, or even your pointer finger instead of messing up a paintbrush.


Erase Magic Eraser From Your Shopping List

2.) Non-Stick Pans – Melamine Foam Erasers can scratch non-stick pots and pans and remove their coating. Just soak your caked-on pans in Powerizer Complete and boil them on the stove. Pour ¼ scoop of Powerizer and add water and let it simmer for 5 minutes. 



Erase Magic Eraser From Your Shopping List


3.) Stainless Steel - This Is a popular choice for ranges, refrigerators, small appliances, countertops, or sinks. If water spots are not rinsing from your stainless steel sink basin, apply Powerizer as a stainless steel cleaner. Make a paste of Powerizer mixed with water. After a few minutes, wipe the surface using a split fiber microfiber cloth. For surface cleaning, mix a cleaning solution using one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete to one (1) gallon of water. A quick rinse with water and a wipe using a cloth are all you need. Avoid using an oil-based cleaner, which leaves residue and attracts more fingerprints.

Erase Magic Eraser From Your Shopping List



4.) Glass and Shower Doors – melamine foam erasers tend to scratch glass or remove the frost commonly used for privacy, so we recommend making a concentrated pre-treat solution of Powerizer to remove soap scum instead. Powerizer will leave your shower doors sparkling clean and residue-free.


Here are helpful facts to consider before you purchase your next box of Melamine foam sponges.

    1. Foam erasers are open-cell foam (melamine foam) sponges that quickly break down, so you are forced to keep buying more. Consider purchasing high-quality split fiber microfiber cloth instead. They wash easily by hand or in the machine for up to 300 washes. They also can absorb liquid up to seven times more than their dry weight. When used damp, the split fibers are small enough to scrub on a microscopic level. Be sure to research the best quality microfiber cloth. When viewed under a microscope, each split-fiber mimics a dust feather with tiny pockets for trapping debris, bacteria, viruses until rinsed away. 
    2. These materials used to make foam sponges are also used to make plastic and laminates, then formaldehyde is added to them to make the structure a foam. These foam sponges are safe and non-toxic, which and used to manufacture soundproofing ceiling and wall foam tiles too. However, as we strive to live in our perfect world, scuff, and spot-free, it's up to you to decide whether a melamine foam eraser helps cut down on your carbon footprint? These foam sponges aren't biodegradable or recyclable.
    3. We asked why is it necessary to add a robust overpowering fragrance to a sponge? Check out the Magic Eraser Product results page on the EWG's Guide To Healthy Cleaning, which rate each product with grades between a "D" & an "F."
    4. The residues from the fragrance left behind often appear as shiny streaks that flash on your painted surfaces such as a matte painted wall. Many times, the only option for removing the noticeable flash is to prime then paint the wall over again.
    5. Dust and debris can irritate the mucus membranes (eyes, nose, and throat). Therefore, the powders from sanding using a melamine foam sponge may be too. Microscopic dust particles that disintegrate as the foam sponge breaks down can be inhaled and coat your nose with its chemical residue. Be sure to cover your nose and mouth when using a melamine foam eraser, mainly when used to remove scuffs from a painted wall or wood surface. Regardless of how safe melamine foam claims to be, it's not worth the risk of inhaling anything that has formaldehyde it.

Next time you're reaching for a melamine foam sponge to clean your surface, consider using Multipurpose Cleaner and a Split Fiber Microfiber Cloth instead. Ultimately no different than deciding to eliminate an additive like fabric softener or dryer sheets from your laundry routine, It would be best if you found these reasons enough to justify removing melamine foam erasers from your shopping list.

We hope using Powerizer Complete instead proves to save you time and money. If you're a repeat customer, consider signing up for Powerizer's Subscribe and Save Program. Save 15% off when subscribe. 



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