Put Powerizer To The Blacklight Test

August 28, 2020

We have all seen CSI episodes with a missing persons scene and a blacklight reveals bleach wipe marks where someone obviously was trying to erase blood and any other DNA that might be used as evidence.   After a marketing meeting our web designer revealed his cat was recently sick and peed on the basement carpet and a black light revealed all the messes.  He was overjoyed to share that after cleaning up all the urine spots with Powerizer Complete the stains and odor disappeared.  A black light will reveal blood, urine, body fluids, vitamins and residues left behind from your detergent on both fabrics and other surfaces like countertops not just light up fancy cocktails at a swanky lounge.

Put Powerizer To The Blacklight Test

A blacklight (or often black light), also referred to as a UV-A light, Wood's lamp, or ultraviolet light, is a lamp that emits long-wave (UV-A) ultraviolet light and very little visible light.[  We decided to investigate for our self and walked into the office bathroom which accommodates about 10 other tenants in the building. First, we visited the men’s bathroom and turned off the lights.  We saw splatters of what appeared to be urine all over the walls and spots on and around the toilet.  It was shocking to see.  At first glance we assumed all of these spots were urine and later identified it was also soap scum residue and detergent left behind on the tile. It was obvious from the splatter patterns and location that it was also from hand washing soap that splattered to nearby surfaces as well. 

Put Powerizer To The Blacklight Test

We put Powerizer Complete to the backlight for cleaning test to prove how to clean bathroom surfaces properly.  When mopping the floor or cleaning counter tops, we expect it to dry clean, however its easy to miss the last step which is to rinse the surface. The steps below show how easy it is to effectively clean using just Powerizer multi surface cleaner and plain water.

Under regular lighting, urine, residues and soap scum are hidden.  However, we shot a video and took photos of the bathroom in a dark room and the black light lit up residues and urine that had accumulated on the surfaces.  This proves to be very helpful in identifying areas that need special attention.

In another video we show how Powerizer is poured on the surface to reveal an obvious clean versus dirty line.  We wiped all the surfaces and realized even the water falling from the surface was glowing under the dark light.  As soon as the dirty water was puddled on the floor, we squeegeed it up into a dustpan and dumped it into the toilet.  We repeated this process until all the water was removed from the floor and dumped in the toilet. We repeated this process until the water we dumped was clear. 

Finally, we sprayed the walls with plain water and wiped them down using a clean split fiber microfiber cloth which is excellent at trapping any remaining residues, bacteria and viruses while polishing surfaces like the toilet paper holder, flush handle and to remove excess water that settles around the toilet base and baseboards.

We learned from the experiment that not all items show up under a black light so it’s not a clear determination of what’s clean verses dirty. However, in our experiment it clearly shows urine, and detergent residues glowing previously are easily removed with Powerizer Complete.  They literally start to dissolve on contact which was captured under the black light video.

True clean freaks understand how rewarding this process is during a time when were all working diligently to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Its important that we start with a clean surface before you can disinfect to kill bacteria, germs and viruses and Powerizer is all you need to clean everything dirty. 

Powerizer contains two times the amount of Hydrogen Peroxide you can purchase in the brown bottle sold at the drug store.  So when your ready to clean effectively, mix a batch and use all of it.  The Oxygenated cleaner in Powerizer is powered by the active ingredient Sodium Percarbonate (Soda Ash and Hydrogen Peroxide).  It is the color safe bleach in Powerizer.  

Put Powerizer To The Blacklight Test

Powerizer has not yet been tested or certified as a disinfectant, however science and chemistry are pretty clear and we know what ingredients are in Powerizer.  As a consumer just know the more concentrated solution you mix the more effective the ingredients become.  The oxygen bleach remain active for up to eight hours therefore if you need to whiten grout, let it sit to give the nonionic surfactant detergent time to work it's magic. 


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