Remove Musty Smells From Towels

August 21, 2020

Upon landing in South Beach for our Girls Trip, we headed directly to our Airbnb rental. The first task on the list was to jump in the shower then head out for dinner. From the moment we opened the door, we noticed a musty smell inside the property. We figured it’s familiar and assumed the humidity was the culprit. We proceeded to take showers, and one by one, each of us noticed the same, musty scent embedded in the towels. Thankfully, we always travel with a 1lb. bag of Powerizer and decided to take matters into our own hands.

Here are the steps we took to eliminate the musty smell from the towels. 

Remove Musty Smells From Towels

Understanding that washing the towels in Powerizer will only help short-term unless the mold and bacteria build-up is eradicated from the washing machine. Generally, if you regularly wash with Powerizer, the smell simply stays away. The oxidizing agent (Sodium Percarbonate) is present in every wash. However, the moment you switch back to that blue goo detergent, it will return. Purchasing separate washing machine tablets to clean your washing machine is never necessary when you are using Powerizer. However, when residue builds up after washing extra soiled laundry like a baseball uniform, work overalls, beach towels, or garments covered in pet hair. We also recommend running your load through a second rinse cycle. Before washing your everyday clothes, run an empty laundry cycle using 2 scoops of Powerizer to remove soap scum and residues.  

Ok, so it’s a simple task but does require a few steps.

Remove Musty Smells From Towels

1st - Soak Your Towels

After we realized the towels were funky, we tossed them in the bathtub with just enough water to completely submerge them. We recommend using less water, so the detergent is more concentrated. We added two scoops of Powerizer and let them soak until we returned from dinner (about 3 hours later).

2nd - Run A Machine Clean 

Meanwhile, we tossed one (1) scoop of Powerizer inside the drum of the washer to clean the machine. We ran an empty wash cycle on the hottest temperature the machine offered. If your appliance has a setting for “machine clean,” select it. Otherwise, pick the most extended cycle and hottest temperature.

Remove Musty Smells From Towels

3rd - Wipe Away Remaining Residues 

We recommend using a heavy-duty Powerizer wash solution and a microfiber cloth. 

For isolated cleaning, it may be better to pour one (1) scoop of Powerizer into a 16 oz squeeze bottle. We didn’t have one there, so we made a mixture in a pot instead. Pay special attention to the upper areas where water is less likely to reach. Wipe out the dispenser where detergent tends to build up. Inspect the rubber seals where socks get lodged and harbor mold. Don’t forget the seals around the door of the front or top load door. Let the detergent sit for about ten (10) minutes then rinse using plain water and a microfiber cloth.

4th - Wash The Soaked Towels 

Toss the towels in after sorting them. Run a full cycle, and for lighter colored towels select a hot temperature setting. For darker colored towels, select warm or cold water instead. Washing in colder temperatures helps to prevent dye cast-off. Don’t worry. Powerizer has a critical ingredient called TAED that supercharges the Sodium Percarbonate for maximum efficacy and cleaning in colder temperatures.  

If your machine has a soak cycle, select it. Removing dirt is really not the top priority, deodorizing is. We found that by the time the towels are placed inside the washer, Powerizer already removed the funk and the soak water was dark and grayish. The extra soak cycle is only going to make sure you meet the goal of experiencing fresh and clean towels for the rest of your stay.  

5th - Dry Them Completely

If you are using their dryer for the first time. Be sure to remove the lint tray and empty it. Check for excess lint sitting inside the walls of the compartment. Quickly investigate to drum to make sure no garments were left behind or suspicious sticky items like gum or crayons marks. If all is clear. Toss in your towels and dry them on the hottest setting. 

More than ever the trend is to buy scented detergents. Some can leave a lingering scent and residue.  However, check out the blogs below that share more about how these residues can affect your health and the operation of your machine.  We are aware a fragrance can affect a consumer's choice for brand loyalty. However, when researching safer choice cleaning products poor ratings are usually attributed to the fragrance included.

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