Cleaning With Salt? Save It For Cooking.

October 09, 2020

Each week we share the good news about cleaning with Powerizer Complete all natural cleaner in a blog.  However, this week’s topic might leave you feeling a little salty. Here is why.   Cleaning with Salt has proven to be a useful additive for brightening clothes, removing stains, and to break down grease, to name a few. Powerizer endorses this claim so much that it has always been an essential ingredient in our formula.  Cleaning is a vital step in keeping a safe environment and requires more than just Salt.  Save your Himalayan, Pickling, Kosher, Sea, and Table Salt for cooking.  

Cleaning With Salt? Save It For Cooking.

Most blogs advise combining Salt with dish soap, laundry detergent, or other everyday cleaning products.  Salt is useful as an additive and is a crucial ingredient in Powerizer. Natural additives such as baking soda, lime, lemon, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide, also have complicated chemical compounds. The solubility and effectiveness of each vary or deplete when additional chemicals are combined.  They may also react differently as a result of temperature or changes in the PH.  When cleaning with Powerizer, we recommend adding more or less water to increase or dilute the concentration.  This advice ensures Powerizer Complete is always effective with nothing altering the formulation.

We have read plenty of recommendations for cleaning with Salt, instead, now you can PowerizeIt!  Used as a Paste, Powerizer is a concentrated heavy duty cleaning scrub.  When mixed with water and used in a solution the special ingredients immediately begin to dissolve and attack starch, protein and grease. Check out this blog that discusses the best home remedy cleaners.


Cleaning With Salt? Save It For Cooking.


Coffee Pot Cleaner / Coffee Mugs 

Cast Iron Pan Cleaner 

Cutting Boards

Baby Bottles

Cleaning With Salt? Save It For Cooking.

Clean Tools

Remove Mold and Mildew

Clean Tile & Grout

Polish and Clean Stainless Steel, Metals, Copper & Brass

Clean Garbage Disposal 

Cleaning With Salt? Save It For Cooking.

Clean microwave, refrigerator and stove

Remove organic stains

Remove wine stains 

Remove sweat odors and stains

Remove musky smells from towels

Diffuser Cleaner

Descale Coffee Pots

Descale your iron

Clean and deodorize shoes

Clean Instapot or crock pot

Cleaning With Salt? Save It For Cooking.

If something is dirty, Powerizer is sure to clean it. Most consumers switching to a Tesla are motivated by the thought of driving a vehicle powered by electricity instead of fossil fuel. Tesla truly is an innovative company offering a stylish, safe, environmentally conscious, and affordable car. We like to think that Powerizer is doing the same for the cleaning industry. However, we do not recommend adding any additional additives to the formula that may interrupt the efficacy. 

Cleaning With Salt? Save It For Cooking.


When purchasing a vehicle, if it doesn't already have a desired upgrade like remote start, the manufacturer will recommend using a factory certified product installed at the dealership.  Something as simple as Salt may not be such a big deal in detergent. However, since Powerizer already has included it in the formula, do you think our chemist would recommend adding more? Well, we asked him, and he said, "NO". Just use Powerizer and nothing else!


You will experience little wins often when cleaning with Powerizer, it's just a matter of time before the Clean Freak in you shows up. When it happens, be prepared and enroll in Powerizer Subscribe and Save program. It's not quite like a Tesla, which can safely park the car on its own, but it will place your orders on autopilot. 

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